Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Crazy little thing called blogging

Those poor saps who don't blog won't understand this post.

I never expected much to happen when I started this blog nearly 3 years ago. My cousin Cathy had a blog, and it seemed like just about everyone else did too. There was no structure or sense to my early posts, but I plugged on.

This little corner of the Internet has brought so much to me, like RAPTOR, Inc., found through Birdchick's blog.
For awhile, the only people reading my blog were Geoff, my in-laws and friends.
Laura was the first "stranger" to comment, and from there the blog roll grew.

After a time, I began to really connect with these other crazy bloggers and got to know them. And then I started to meet them "in the real world":

(Bill helps my tiny Lorelei hit a ball, with Julie looking on)

I took my first guided bird walk with a great gal who has not only become my animals' vet, but a good friend:
Kathi does the I see a bird pose

I've traveled to far-flung locales to meet the inaugural members of the Flock:
Bar blogging
(Susan, Laura and Delia)

As with any meeting of birder bloggers, there tends to be tons of silliness:
What the hell are you two doing
(what the hell?)

The Flock
Though we mourn the void made by friends who cannot be with us on that beautiful shore and sigh as huge swirling flocks of her totem bird wheel overhead, we can look forward to friends who will meet us in the deep woods of a nearby state.

Sometimes great blogger buddies are just around the corner. Sometimes they fly for ten zillion hours to be here. We meet and connect in ways that perfect strangers never could.
We trade our handmade skills, we wish we lived a little closer so we could meet.

We tap away at our keyboards every night (give or take) sending out our thoughts, hopes, dreams and realities. And those ethereal, electronic messages are being received. Pondered. Felt and sent back with words of encouragement, peals of laughter, and tears of sympathy.

This post was brought on by a blogger friend, whose life is changing as we speak.
D, this one's for you.


LauraHinNJ said...

So sweet, Susan. She's on my mind today, too.

Dave said...

Nice post!

NCmountainwoman said...

Six months ago, this post wouldn't have made as much sense to me. With your encouragement (and Mary's) I can really understand the attachment between bloggers.

Thanks on many levels.

KatDoc said...

How tiny Lorelei was! How sweet to see BT3 helping her hit the ball that Geoff is pitching. Couple of really good dads there.

Blogging has introduced me to new people, both on-line and IRL, and the possibility of a new, part-time job, completely unrelated to animals, birds, or pottery. {Updates later}


NatureWoman said...

Blogging is definitely life changing! My boss wanted to borrow my camera this weekend because she took hers for a swim yesterday, and I could hardly breath thinking about being without my arm's extension documenting life around me for two whole days.
Someday, dear Susan, we shall meet in person, for sure!

RuthieJ said...

Crazy little thing called blogging.....
I'm constantly amazed at the power of the internet and the changes and opportunities for new sights, experiences and friends I've found through blogging.

Trixie said...

Life is good...I am glad you are in my life.

Lynne said...

This post made me miss you Susan and really we haven't even met face to face yet. I never would have believed I could feel such a connection to my Bloggies. I do know that without all of the support from all of you around the country, this last year would have been much, much harder.

KGMom said...

Wonderful blog--I resonate with your thoughts on how blogging connects us, even though I have not "met" any of you (in the flesh).
Blogging has become a new way to create community, no doubt about it.

Mary said...

So well done, Susan. Well said. You are a sensitive soul. Thinking of D too.

And, Laura was my first stranger comment, too :o)