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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

We interrupt these posts about New River, to bring you a dumb.

The other day, I was sitting in the park around the corner from RAPTOR.  Not a great day weather-wise, but a nice place to get my paperwork done before picking up the birds for a program.
There were plenty of birds to listen to....towhees, cardinals, a parula, and the high thin whistle of broad-winged hawks.  If you think you've never heard a BWHA, think again.  You might have just thought, "Oh, that's some songbird".  Their call is very un-hawk-like:

Have a listen.

So I'm enjoying the avian ambiance when I notice something on the roof of the shelter at the end of the parking lot.
Huh.  Too big to be a leaf.  Looks....sort of bird shaped.
Aw, hell.  Is that a hawk???
(For the record, it really and truly did look like a headless hawk)


I squinted hard.  And then my mind turned it into an injured broad-winged hawk.  A hawk that needed my help, by Gawd!

I took a few photos of it, then got out of the car to plan my next move, namely how to get on the roof.  
I was just about to try and drag a picnic table across the lawn when I stopped. didn't have feathers. It had a .....husk.

corn husk

Oh snap.  It's corn.
I was about to risk life and limb to climb onto a roof to rescue corn.