Monday, August 21, 2006

Four great kids

Miss Phoebe L. Thompson is a peach. A sweet, smart beautiful girl. Look out for this one, world!
All that blond hair, so little time.
(Liam, Isabelle, Lorelei)
Liam is a boy of great spirit. And great taste in girls, I might add. He has claimed Isabelle as his girlfriend and left a wonderful note on our car before we left:
"Dear Isabelle, I had fun playing with you today. Love, Liam"

(Isabelle dictated an email to Liam teeth hurt, it was so sweet)
Bill assisted Lorelei in hitting a ball after dinner. Look how relaxed everyone is...these people know how to do it.
The birding tower at Indigo Hill.
Geoff said something rather profound tonight. We were talking about Bill and Julie, and Geoff mentioned a couple that we had spent some time with before we were married. He said that I had come a long way with the people I introduce him to. The couple a long time ago, we used to call "clinically interesting" (they were wack-jobs) and the couple I introduced him to yesterday are "clinically inspiring".


LauraHinNJ said...

Kind of wierd to see pics of them here!

The kids are cute - so Liam has a sweetheart.

Sounds like you had fun. Did you get to see all those pretty plants in the greenhouse and any baby birds Julie's taking care of?

NatureWoman said...

Looks like you had a really nice time! Cute kids all around!

Susan Gets Native said...

Laura, Didn't see any baby birds, but I got to meet Belle the turtle who is rehabbing in the house. And the one place I didn't get to is the greenhouse.
Pam, we had a wonderful time. A great place to live, great kids...

Egret's Nest said...

Looks like a good time was had by all. What fun!