Saturday, March 15, 2008

A lark (and some larks)

As Nina and Kathi have already posted about, we had a mini-Birds & Beers last night, Ohio edition. Trixie is in town and we used that fantastic occurrence to get together.
Trixie's mom was gracious enough to let us use her righteous digs to have a bit of wine and cheese, humus and humor.

I had never met Nina FTF before last night...she is as calm, graceful and classy as her blog. But with a wicked-funny streak. I love that in a person.
(Kathi was NOT imbibing alcohol...I don't remember what she was having, but it was innocent)

it was THIS big
I really can't remember what Trixie was talking about, but I guess it was THIS BIG. I adore Trixie to no end. Seeing her once a year is nowhere near the vicinity of ENOUGH. We are planning on getting together again before she heads back to the Frozen North next week.

Trixie's mom is a knitter like Trixie is (and a HOOT, by the way), and Isabelle and Vivi started pulling out a bunch of stuff from the other room, including This. Thing.
Stripper knitting
We pondered it, and decided that it was a stripper's thong. A knitted stripper's thong.
(That could have been the wine talking.)

Today, I had time to cruise Armleder, and found a singing horned lark. Word to beginning birders: Learn bird songs and calls. Even if you don't know what you are listening to, it will help you find twice as many birds than sight alone. Learning the "common" birds (robins, chickadees, jays, etc) helps you notice birds that might be new.
Horned lark
I NEVER would have found him if he hadn't been singing. They blend in so well. Not a lifer, but still a great bird to watch. Their voice is so musical...

Remember my really sucky meadowlark picture? I think this one is better. Do you agree?


The Swami said...

Oh,...where did you get that photo of Swamette's yak hair thong?

KatDoc said...

Actually, in that particular photo I was drinking white wine. Later, I switched to water.

"Stripper knitting" - a new fashion trend!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

You all had just too much fun. I think your Meadowlark picture is much better.

NatureWoman said...

Yup, I agree! Hope that yarn isn't itchy!

Mary said...

Why in the hell does everybody live in Ohio? Dammit.

Dave said...

No models for the stripper thong?

mon@rch said...

Looks like such a great time and thanks for keeping us updated on this! Congrats with the horned lark and meadowlarks are not easy to photograph!

LauraHinNJ said...

Looks like you girls had a blast! Hurray!

This probably won't surprise you, but I have a client that makes clothing for ..ahem... exotic dancers. Beautiful stuff, actually, tho there's very little of it to appreciate. She might like the pattern for that piece.


dguzman said...

I'm with Mary--apparently, the cool kids live everywhere except PA.