Sunday, August 24, 2008

Where I've been

I've been picnicking with my family.
(photo by Isabelle)

I've been marveling at my children marveling at nature.

I've been rescuing invalid black swallowtails from our street.
swallowtail and isabelle

I've been staring down stained-glass leaf hoppers.
leaf hopper on sunflower

I've been making jewelry I can be proud of.
Fun bracelet

I've been playing with a new toy.
new lap top
(I asked for the ability to do Powerpoint presentations during my programs, and RAPTOR got me a new lap top and digital projector. I do tend to get what I want....but then, I am quite charming.) :^)

front of new lap top

I've been watching a barn owl perch in the sun for the first time.
Storm perched out

I've been watching a turkey vulture molt.
Earl up close


Trixie said...

It sounds like a pretty fantastic week. Lucky girl!

Lynne said...

You've been busy!!

Sweet Earl the Pearl!
I got my TV fix.

Dave said...

Wow! Can you get Raptor to send me a PC and projector? I'll be charming also. :) Nice shot by Isabelle.

NatureWoman said...

You've been doing some cool stuff!

Mary said...

I didn't realize our post titles were so similar on the same day...

You've been having a great time. But I'll bet you haven't introduced yourself to a neighbor in your nightgown or had to look for a pee bucket in the garage...