Monday, July 21, 2008

Name That Owl!

The permit holder at RAPTOR is the decider when it comes to naming the birds. Cindy and I talked about some possible names for Mr. Barn Owl. As I mentioned previously, "No-No" has a negative connotation, and we want a name that is positive and that also has meaning for this particular bird. I asked if I could put this out on the ol' blog. So, loyal readers: Let us know if there is a name on this post you really like. Or come up with your own. Cindy will be the final vote.

Quirks/behaviors of this bird:
1. Really, really loud screaming.
2. Gorgeous.
3. Very, very curious about his surroundings, constantly checking out everything.
4. Barn owls are a world-wide species, with many myths and legends about them.
5. This bird is uber-feisty. To take him from the mew, I just put my hand down to him, and he attacks my hand with his feet and I pick up his jesses and we are on our way (one of the easier birds to take in hand). And, when he is put in a carrier, he doesn't just step back onto the perch....he attacks that, too!

I was a big-time Greek Geek in my younger days, so I started brainstorming all the Greek heroes I could remember with any connection to the bird's attributes: (Too bad he's not a female...Athena is a great name for an owl)

Pericles (A magnificent orator with a reputation for scrupulous honesty)

Orion (The Hunter)

Orpheus (Son of Apollo, whose song was so mellifluous it brought inanimate objects to life.
Well, the barn owl can make a whole roomful of children jump about 5 feet out of their skin)

Hermes (God of flight, travelers and commerce. Messenger of the gods)

Euros (God of the east wind...the barn owl was from a county east of Cincinnati)

Ares (God of war...and the barn owl was one of his sacred birds!)

Other names we threw around:
Adam (from the county he was rescued in)
Titus (Get it? Tyto......Titus? And it also sounds macho)

I checked good old Owl Pages and others, and found this:
In British folklore, a screeching Barn Owl is believed to predict that a storm or cold weather was imminent. During a storm, if a Barn Owl was heard, it indicated that the storm was nearly over.
? That's a cool name, too. He's definitely loud enough.
And you lurkers out there? Now's the time to let your voice be heard! I get a lot more hits on this blog than the handful of comments I see. Come on! Let me hear you!

No No in the sun
"Whatever you decide to name me, I won't like it and I will NOT come when called."


Anonymous said...

Orion. It fits the barn owl personna and it rolls off the tongue easily.

John said...

If you wanted to go with "Titus," you could go for a more oblique literary reference with "Andronicus." Of course, that would take a lot more explaining, so maybe not.

I kind of like the idea of "Ares," since the barn owl was one of his symbols.

Kitt said...

What about Edvard, as in Munch?

It works on a couple of different levels. "The Scream" and he's always trying to munch you. And he's temperamental, like an artist.

Anonymous said...

Go for Ares. The screaming seems to work for the God of War and it's so cool that he is one of Ares symbols. That's my vote. :)

Dave said...


The Swami said...

Okay, let's just narrow this down to the only two reasonable possibilities: Pericles & Orpheus.

Granted, Orion would be possible if it were not for one fact. Upon first glance, it can be mistaken for "onion," in which case it might be thought of as part of a recipe....with disasterous consequences.

Hermes would be good if at some point you are planning on turning the owl into a handbag.

Euros?? Not unless you want to check the exchange rate every day.

Basically, the choices come down to: Pericles, Orpheus, or Dave.

Lynne said...

HAHAHA! I'm in for Dave!

Mary said...

I'm sorry, Susan. That's the goofiest looking owl I've ever seen. How about "Daffy"?

Windyridge said...

I like Pericles. It's very regal too.

The Swami said...

Put Swami down for Pericles.

Actually, I would prefer it if you could do that without putting Swami down.

Mary said...

I apologize. I would be fond of him. I just have the dumb - a severe case. I like STORM because I heard that silly thing rattle the rafters.

kayceebeebee said...

I like Storm or Titus...

KatDoc said...

I vote for Storm or Orion.

If the Swami needs to be put down, give me a call.


Lynne said...

HEY!! Where'd your barn owl header picture go!! I thought I was in the wrong blog.

Lynne said...

I want to change my vote from Dave to "Valentino" for his heart-shaped face!

Sarah O. said...

See, I know it kind of has negative connotations, and I also know it kind of refers only to the female gender, but considering his screams sound like a woman being murdered, I keep thinking "Banshee". Although, one gamer-type dude on the internet apparently uses "BanHe", so that might work...

My second choice is Pericles.

Trixie said...

What about Artemis?????

Tiffany Vincent said...

Someone HAS to make a Harry Potter reference, so I guess it will be me!

I decided to take my naming suggestion after Hedwig, certainly the most unique and special of the owls in Harry Potter. Rowling named Hedwig after Saint Hedwig the patron saint of orphans. Keeping with that trend, I vote for Ambrose after Saint Ambrose the patron saint of learning.

Plus Ambrose is close in sound to ambrosia which does fit his little heart-shaped face. HOWEVER, having heard this little guy scream (it has to be heard to be believed), I know that looks can be sweetly deceiving.

dguzman said...

I like Pericles.

Griffie said...

I voted for Ambrose, after the patron saint of learning.

Susan Gets Native said...

Another write-in!
From the RAPTOR yahoo group:
I like the name Musashi. It is Japanese for a Samurai warrior who fights with two swords. Considering the symbolism (talons) and the tradition that all Japanese families should have an owl figurine or picture in their house (brings prosperity), I think it is a pretty cool name.

You guys are really cranking out some good ones!
Trixie: I LOVE the name Artemis. But the Carolina Raptor Center has an owl with that name. Darn it.

Pericles: 3
Ambrose: 2
Storm: 3
Orion: 2
Banshee: 1
Ares: 2
Titus/Andronicus: 2
Valentino: 1
: )

The Swami said...

In the spirit of the late Mayor Daley (vote early and vote often), Swami iterates yet again: Pericles.

Dave said...

In the spirit of the late Mayor Daley (vote early and vote often), Dave iterates yet again: Dave. :)

Mary said...

Musashi or Storm.

Philip said...

I would suggest Archimedes.

Not only is this keeping with the Greek naming scheme you suggested, but it was also the name of the owl in Disney's Sword in the Stone, and might be easily accessible to kids.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I still like Casper. Simple, not very scary.

I'll throw "Napoleon" into the fray. I don't go for the Greek geek stuff.

Trixie said...

Alright then, Pericles is pretty cool. I also like Musashi, but is a bit mushy on the tongue.

Trixie said...

ooh ooh, Tom just suggested James Brown, Godfather of Soul. He kinds of sounds like JB.

Anonymous said...

phillip said
"I would suggest Archimedes."

I have to agree that is a good one. Archimedes was a mathematician and inventor, so the inquisativeness part of this owl's personality would fit right in with that.

Anonymous said...

phillip said
"I would suggest Archimedes."

I have to agree that is a good one. Archimedes was a mathematician and inventor, so the inquisativeness part of this owl's personality would fit right in with that.

Anonymous said...

I say let the poor guy get a name he doesn't have to risk failing to live up to his whole life. An inferiority complex can be a hard thing to shake and the other kids in the playground can be oh so cruel.

I vote for Barney.

Nikkitine said...

he looks kinda like a methuselah to me

La BellaDonna said...

I'm going to go with "Whoover." Yes, Hoover with a W. Why? Why not?

And because it'll make little kids laugh when they find out his name is WHO-ver.

Anonymous said...


yarn owl said...

name it yarn owl after yarn owl the band that would be prime!

Anonymous said...

Screamin' Barney*

*Aussie slang for a knock-down drag-out.

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.

Mallory said...

If you like the name Athena for a Male, you can go with Athene for a male, which is an awesome sounding name for an Owl :}

Anonymous said...

I think Romeo, because the facial discs is making the head look like a heart.

Anonymous said...

I think Circinus is a nice name for him because when I think of owls, I think of hunting and navigation.
Circinus means " The compass"

Lara Bailey said...