Thursday, June 22, 2006

What bird nest mites look like

I found this picture at the Purple Martin website. This is what was crawling on me yesterday


MojoMan said...

Thanks..Now I have to go take another shower.

I can only imagine the torment a helpless baby in the nest must feel.

Susan Gets Native said...

I know, they're gross. Like crawling pepper.

Poor little babies...but once they are fledged, they can bathe and preen and get them under control.
Of course, once they're gone, I will have the bluebirds to worry and fret about.

Shannon said...

That's gross!!

laurentamrazjudson said...

thanks for posting this picture--I have them all over my porch and me right now! Damn nest above the porch must be the source:( I was putting up with the bird poop everywhere, but this is too least I know what they are now. Thank you!!!