Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Ol' Jack Frost can bite me, right on my frosty a**.

That's it. I have lost my mind.
Today, after a night of moderate snow fall, we had about four inches of very fluffy snow. The roads were NOT slick, since they had already been treated and were continually treated throughout the night. But Lorelei got the day off, because the school district had a 90 minute delay(since she only goes half a day, a delay means no school for her).
A day alone? Quiet Mommy-time? Sitting in a warm car taking awesome pictures of great birds?

Hell to the no.

I'm sick of snow. I'm sick of soggy boots and wet carpet. I'm sick of scraping windshields. I'm sick of these kids not going to school. I'm sick of cloudy, crappy weather.
Lynne has a great HERE. I could use some Blogger-Therapy.

So let's cleanse with photos, taken with my newly-repaired (Well, ma'am, we can send it back to the service center) camera:

Wet dog noses...

See my brain
"Hey, Mom. See my brain?"

My Pretty Isabelle
Man, oh man. My kids are so cute. (and it helped that for once, she smiled at the camera instead of hiding)

cats eye
Queen watched the bird feeders with me today. You can see the feeders in the reflection of her eyes. Cool.

Blue moon
"Blue saw me standing aloooooooone....."
(One of many suncatchers/windchimes in the breakfast nook, just as the sun was going down)

Somethings to look forward to:
Friday I head out to Adams County for the Birding Symposium. I did this program last year, and it was fun. Got to see Bill and Julie for a few minutes, then they split (man, are those people busy!), KatDoc showed up, and of course, Amish food aplenty. Kathi, you comin' this year? How about you, Nina? I haven't met you yet...jump to it, girl.
I will spend Friday night in lovely, picturesque Seaman Ohio (Yeah, it's pronounce semen) and then spend Saturday doing my RAPTOR thing, then I get to go on a bird walk with everyone. Whoot! I need some birding, seriously. I haven't been out in so long. :(

Next weekend is the Owl Prowl at Spring Grove Cemetery. (Check out that can see Elvis our past barred owl and Sylvester our GHOW)
I will just be holding birds for Jeff, one of our volunteers. It will be nice to let someone else do the talking. Looks like there is still time to register (it's free) if you are in the area, come and see us!


Okay. I feel a little better. And I noticed that this post is very linky. So you all have something to do tonight.


Trixie said...

Man, can I relate! School is never cancelled when you homeschool, but you do get tired of the constant togetherness sometimes.

And aren't you looking forward to a fresh breeze blowing in from Alaska?

Maybe we could lure Nina and Katdoc out for our own Birds 'n' Beers? Hmmm....

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I am glad you got your camera back. I hope you get your sanity back soon. Your daughter is beautiful. That smile could light up any gloomy day.

KatDoc said...

"Birds and Beers?" *KatDoc perks up her ears and looks around inquisitively* "Did someone say Birds and Beers? I'm SO there!"

Sorry, Susan, can't make it to the Amish Symposium this year. First time I will miss that event in three years. I have to work in the morning, and then I will be having a date - first time in 8 years. (Yes, he is FINALLY coming to visit!!!!!!!!)

Congrats on the camera, and look out; snow and ice predicted for Friday!

~Kathi, anticipating

Mary said...

Well, now we need to hear about Katdoc's DATE!

Susan, your mood is justified. I remember having cabin fever with Gina and her friends back in 1996 when we had a blizzard and two snow storms on top of it all. No school for two weeks! Nightmare.

You'll be getting out soon...

Camera's working well!

Susan said...

Love the photo of the cat's eye, and of course the one of your daughter is great too!

Anonymous said...

Quit whining about the cold and snow. How would YOU like to have to get up at 4 am and go outside on the prairie to feed a herd of sheep!

Felicity Fanbelt
Burnt Bridge, Nebraska

nina said...

Tell me more, tell me more.
I actually have NOTHING TO DO SATURDAY--when's the last time you could say that??

Nice shots of the pup's brain.

nina said...

The program's "full" according to the 800 number at the museum center.
They're not even taking waiting list names, I guess.

Sorry--I tried.
That would've been fun.

It's my fault for not planning ahead--unfortunately, I don't always know which days I'm available, until a couple days beforehand.
Thanks for the idea, though!
I hope it goes well for you!

RuthieJ said...

I hear ya, girlfriend, that Jack Frost is getting to be a super-sized pain in the A**!! He's certainly overstayed his welcome this year.
On the bright side, you've got some quality bird time coming up AND your camera's taking great pictures again!

dguzman said...

I'm with you on the sick of snow and scraping and shovelling and soggy everything!

Oh man, do we need a birdwalk or what. Come on spring migration!

Susan Gets Native said...

DATE? Kathi's gotta DATE? Whoot!

mon@rch said...

Susan, many great links and great for the kids but sorry for you with having the day off! I am also excited for spring to arrive!

thepowerguides said...

it does get to be depressing when you think It's March Spring is coming but still have a foot of snow on the ground

Steve From
The Power Bird Watchers Guide