Friday, March 02, 2007

Oh, the joys of the middle of Ohio

Hello, kiddies.
I am kicking back at a luxury hotel in Seaman, Ohio. Never heard of Seaman? Me either.

I am bringing bewds to the Adams County Birding Symposium tomorrow, and got a hotel room this time so that I don't have to get up at zero-dark-thirty. I have Lucy the Peregrine and our little male kestrel, and they are all bedded down in their carriers. (No, they are NOT sharing my bed)

Road to Adams County
This is what Route 32 East looks like, with a few hills thrown in to save you from stark raving madness.
Full car 1
This is why I didn't take any really large birds: I had to take the girls with me when I picked up the birds, and two car seats take up most of the back seat of a Saturn.
Full car 2
Lucy's carrier barely fit in the front seat with me. I also have a large banner, a box full of bird parts, a cart, a fancy folding presentation sign, a box full of T-shirts and sweatshirts, the "poop" tarp and a big perch. The girls had a hard time taking a deep breath on the way home. Oh! I also have my laptop, my overnight bag, my purse and a cooler.
Full moon on cloud
On the way, the moon, almost full, posed for me on top of a thick, mashed-potato cloud. The sky was amazing this evening. The clouds were so solid looking, like you could grab a handful and hold it in your hand like cotton candy.
We spare no expense
We spare no expense when it comes to my comfort. This may be the smallest hotel room I have ever stayed in, but it's clean and it has a microwave and fridge.
I have the creepy feeling that I am the only person staying in this hotel tonight.
I got a pizza delivered from the pizza joint down the road, I've got my laptop and high speed access, a book called Owls Aren't Wise and Bats Aren't Blind and some Pringles.
Life is just about perfect.
I have killer hay fever going on, which is making it a little difficult to taste or smell anything, but I have a big bottle of Claritin and I know how to use it.


Mary said...

Susan! Life can't get much better than that! Enjoy your luxury and tomorrow. You crack me up (the girls could hardly take a deep breath). Your moon photo is great!

So, will you at least say good-night to the bewds if you are not inviting them in your room?

The Swami said...

Young lady, will you go over and close those drapes immediately!!

NatureWoman said...

The cloud underneath the moon looks like a dinosaur to me. How cool.
I never care about the size of a hotel room - what I do care about is the clean factor! Oh and a fridge helps, too!
Ohhhh, enjoy your night Susan. Hop from one double bed to the other if you want. You have to test them both out to see which one is the best!
Enjoy your day tomorrow, too!

Susan Gets Native said...

Thanks, all.
And yes, ever-observant FIL: the drapes are closed!!!!

Lynne said...

You have a creepy feeling and you're staying at the BATES MOTEL?!?!? >>>>>RUNNNN>>>>>!!


I have that book (by Warner Shedd?) it's pretty cool! Have fun on your overnighter! Knock 'em dead tomorrow!

Laurie said...

I was going to say the same thing as Naturewoman. The cloud looks just like a dinosaur. Cool picture.

Liza Lee Miller said...

Have fun on your jaunt!

katdoc said...

Of course I've heard of Seaman (OH). It comes right after Big Bone Lick (KY), right?

~Kathi, feeling evil