Thursday, February 28, 2008

Yet another reason to come to northern Ohio in May

I just heard on the Ohio bird listserv that the bald eagles on Catawba Island up near Port Clinton are on nest. If egg laying begins today, that means that the eggs should hatch around the second week of April. They are able to hold their heads up at around 2 weeks, and can stand at around 4 weeks of age. So if you come up to IMBD on the second weekend of May, we might get to see baby eagles.

Baby. Eagles.

Catawba Island isn't really an island. It is a peninsula that juts into Lake Erie and escapes being an island by less than a mile of land that connects it to the rest of Ohio.
Everywhere you look up there is water. Harbors, rivers, Lake Erie, the marshes.

I checked a few of the local hotels, and there are still rooms available. Hint. Hint.

And in my opinion, we should all call Lynne's boss collectively, on a conference call, and tell him/her that Lynne needs that weekend off.


Lynne said...

LOL!! Yeah- Good luck with that. Right now our lab is understaffed by 5.5 FTE's (full time equilivants)

Maybe I'll just have to quit my job...

Lynne said...

I just read your comment at my blog about turkeys having balls.

They have BUTTERBALLS!!!!!!!!

LauraHinNJ said...

Baby eagles... hmmm.

(I was just putting a post together on the Cape May spring weekend!)

KatDoc said...

Oh, crap - I have to book my hotel room. Where do you suggest, Susan?

~Kathi, getting psyched for warblers and other neotropical spring migrants

Mary said...

Baby Bald Eagles must be so cute. I'll bet Lynne would come to see baby TVs.

Anonymous said...

All right you ninnies!! Stop calling my office. NO, Lynne cannot have that weekend off!

So that you can plan for a future get-together, I looked at Lynne's schedule. I have her scheduled to have a weekend off coinciding with the return of Halley's Comet.

I hope that is helpful.
Lynne's Boss