Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I hold these truths to be self-evident

My camera is back. And it works.
Can I get a hallelujah?

But the weather and my schedule both have it out for me. I wanted to do a field test today, but I had Lorelei (so no stealthy birding) and a program to present...and tomorrow, even if the girls have school (which may or may not happen, since there is real snow falling-God! Help us!), the weather will probably be too crappy to bird. Or the lighting will be too crappy to get good shots.
But you know me....I will try anyway. After I take the birds back to RAPTOR. After the program, the roads were nasty, and since I was so close to home I decided to keep them overnight.

Things that just seem to be:

1. Girl Scout cookies are physically unable to remain in the box long enough to go stale.
(Thin Mints! Yum...)

2. The longer you wish for Spring, the more snow you get.

3. A watched camera never comes...until you are unable to go out and use it.

I would very much like to get back to my general random-blogging style. With pictures.
Check back tomorrow, k?


mon@rch said...

Yeah on the camera coming back and working! Can't wait to see your photos! Ugg with snow!

NatureWoman said...

Hallelujah Susan!! You'll be out there snapping some more great photos to show us real soon! I'll be back.
Mmmm, thin mints. . . And if you run out of those, try the Peppermint Patty cookies, mmmmm. . . .

Mary said...

Hallelujah! Seriously, I mean that. I'd go nuts without mine.

Can't have Girl Scout cookies around my house. I eat them by the rows.

RuthieJ said...

Yea for your camera's return!

Hey, you've got GS cookies already? I wonder when mine are going to come....

Anonymous said...

My old blog was shut down, so here is my new one:

Amy said...

Hallelujah!!! K, I'll check back tomorrow ;-)

Dave said...


dguzman said...

Sweet. I was thinking of you last night as I tried (again) to take apart my old Nikon (per some very vague instructions on a web site) to ry to fix the lens error. No success, but it would cost too much to send it in. But now I'm dreaming of having TWO digi-cameras... I may have to try taking it apart again!