Friday, December 28, 2007

It's that time again....for me to go be a fabulous drag queen

Tomorrow is the first performance of the Boar's Head and Yule Log Festival.
It was my first time last year, and I LOVED IT. All the pageantry, all the costumes and music and fabulousness.
Check me out in my 14th century huntsman get-up from last year. Please, please, may there be a new costume designer. I mean, I wasn't even wearing pants.

Hmmmm....I was just looking at my title. If a man dresses like a woman, he is a drag queen. But if a woman dresses like a man, she is a..... what? Just a cross-dresser? That doesn't have quite the flair that "drag queen" has, does it?

I will ask my "pages" (yes, I will have STAFF!) to take a few pictures tomorrow. Because I have no shame when it comes to blogging. Even though I am going to look like some sort of sissy-man, I must BLOG ABOUT IT.


Trixie said...

Oh do blog-on, huntsman! I wish I were there to see it.

KatDoc said...

If a man outlandishly dressed like a woman is a drag QUEEN, wouldn't a woman dressed outlandishly as a man be a drag KING? Seems only fair, and much more dramatic than "cross-dresser."

Hope your day is not too much of a boar, har, har, har.

Happy New Year!