Saturday, December 29, 2007

Dude looks like a Lady

I didn't get any pictures of myself at the Boar's Head Festival this year, but you aren't missing anything. Just go back to last year's pictures. I look the same. 50 pounds of clothing, no pants...

The pudding
Here's the Pudding. It was REAL.

The Yule FRuitcake
And this is the Yule Fruitcake. It was real, too. But with fruitcake, does that even make a difference?

The bootie things
Instead of shoes or boots, everyone has to wear these knitted bootie things. They were Hell on my poor feet. The floors in the church are stone. My dogs are barkin'.

Standard bearer
One of the standard bearers...

Lucy Boar's Head Festival
And there's Lucy!

She was incredible. This pageant is 100 people in colorful costumes, and there are lights and a huge pipe organ and swelling music and so many things that she should have panicked about. But she was so unbelievably calm. And she did the same things as last was like she knew when it was time to ham it up. The music would build and roll over the crowd, and her wings would come out and she would stand there on my hand as beautiful as she has ever looked.
I love her so much. Have I mentioned that before?

Nathan my page
This is Nathan, one of my pages. I had another one, but she was too busy running around with her friends to hang out with us much. Nathan was a doll. So, during the big break between our parts of the performance, we chilled out in the undercroft and I bought him a Coke.
(The pages carried my "bow" and "quiver of arrows"....I carried Lucy.)

14th century poker game
A 14th century Poker game.


NatureWoman said...

Hi Lucy!! Rats, I wanted to see you in your getup again this year.
I need a page, a full time page, a 24x7 page. I'd treat him good. How do I get a page?

ncmountainwoman said...

Great blog. Next year, why not get a pair of gel shoe inserts to wear inside the knitted bootie things? Might help. Hooray for Lucy and another great performance.

Patrick Belardo said...

Are those poker guys doing their best Santa impressions or are they birders?

BTW, I tagged you for a meme.

Mary said...

I remember your post last year and that fantastic outfit you wore...LOL!

So Lucy is a party girl, ey? Just like Susan.

Anonymous said...

I saw you on TV for two seconds. Lucy looked great but we could only see your sideview. I am sure the girls told you. They were very excited.


RuthieJ said...

Hi Susan,
I looked back at your pictures from last year. That was a pretty neat costume. I'm glad you enjoyed it enough to come back again for this year.

P.S. the 14th century poker game photo is priceless!