Thursday, August 30, 2007 yeah! RELEASE!

Today, I helped perform RAPTOR's ultimate goal: A release.

Three weeks ago, I got a call for an injured bird pick up during a very, very busy day. I'm glad I took the pick up, because after a nice rest and some good food and readily-available water, the red tailed hawk was ready to go home. Jeff (the Tree Climber) boxed the bird up for me and I picked it up and drove it out to New Richmond, where it had been found tangled in a fence. No real injuries, maybe a bit of bruising and dehydration (that was back when it was like a zillion degrees outside).

The home-owners were thrilled that it was back, and one of the ways RAPTOR likes to say "Thank you" to people who care enough to make a phone call (or seven) to help an injured bird, is to let them be the "releaser".

I took the hawk (formally known as RT 07-18, now known as a "free bird") from the box and handed it to the home-owner backwards, so that it was facing away from him, and instructed the neighborhood children to help me count to three.
I grabbed my camera and set it to "rapid fire" mode:








And the hawk is going....





A nice, powerful lift, strong flight, and a very healthy bird is back where it belongs.
It. Felt. So. GOOD.


Trixie said...

So good, indeed! Right on, Susan. I cannot imagine how you feel.

KGMom said...

Oh that is wonderful--getting to release a bird to its intended place.
Free bird--LOL.

Mary said...

Pure joy, Susan. I feel it, too. wish I was there. You rock.

Lynne said...

As soon as someone figures out how to travel through the space-time continuum (ala star trek) I want to be your assistant. You have the coolest job in the world.

Trixie said...

ummm...I'm right there with Lynne. The only thing your job lacks is a howitzer.

And why is it that after two glasses of wine the word verification is so hard? bwqahoiu

donaldthebirder said...

Since I live in (technically) New Richmond, maybe I will see this bird sometime, living free again as intented. Nice thought. I have witnessed the release of rehabbed birds, it indeed gives a good feeling.

dguzman said...

Wow, what a rush that must be! Your job is so cool.

Did you get my interview questions in your email box?

Anonymous said...

I left a comment on this post thanking you for the info on the monk parakeets, and for the url, but I can't tell if it will show up or not, so I just wanted to say thanks. -Helena

KatDoc said...

Cool release, Susan - wish I could have been there.

And thanks again for the lunch invite - sorry I couldn't get away.

Hugs to your girls,


Liza Lee Miller said...

You totally rock! Rockety-rock-rock!

Dave said...

AWESOME!!! One of my favorite stories!