Thursday, August 09, 2007

The best laid plans of hawks and women

Don't you hate it when your life impinges on your blogging time?

I have an early program in the morning, so I thought I would go get the birds tonight so I wouldn't have to get up at zero-dark-thirty.
7:00 pm
I was on my way, when the good old cell phone rang and I saw that it was our evening/weekend dispatcher. I can't say no to her.
There was an injured red-tailed hawk in New Richmond, and could I go get it? Sigh. Of course. Dana, our dispatcher, is a sweet woman and I am listed as on call for evenings and weekends, and unfortunately, I told them that I would "go anywhere". Some of our pick-up volunteers only go to certain parts of town, which is their prerogative, so I usually get the 100 mile birds. Dana said that she called 12 people before trying me. She knows that I am Miss Busy-Busy, so she tries everyone she can first.
So I turned around and headed for New Richmond. Which is 40 or so miles away.
8:00 pm
As I was approaching New Richmond, I got another call. From a videography professor who I had promised to show owls to for a class project. But I thought that they wanted to do this last night, and when they didn't show up, I thought, Oh well.
So I told the guy I was picking up an injured bird and I would be there when I could. NO problem.

The hawk had been snared on a fence and the homeowner had actually run down to his neighbor's house to borrow welding gloves, got the bird, and put it in a large pet carrier and placed it in their nice cool basement. These people went over and above what we ask of people who call us.
It was an adult RT, on its back and stressed. I transferred it to a cardboard box, as the wife snapped pictures.
Okay. Bird in car. Go to RAPTOR. Still with me?

9:15 pm
Got to RAPTOR, set up perches and got some owls for the class. While they were filming, I called Cindy, our Bird Care Director, to find out where to take to hawk. She lives close to us, thankfully, so she said to bring the bird to her. Packed up some birds for tomorrow's program.

10:45 pm
Drop off hawk.

11:15 pm
Got home. Total miles driven since 7:00 pm: 108 miles.


Trixie said...

Sheesh! You are tough. Is it still hot there? We are melting in South Carolina, but I did get to see a male painted bunting tonight. I was over the moon!

And I cannot wait to see you in cincy!

Susan Gets Native said...

I hope it cools down for your visit to Cincy. Otherwise all of you cold-acclimated folks will melt.
Can't wait to see you, either!

KatDoc said...

No wonder you can't bird at 8am; you are a real night owl!

I, on the other hand, semmed to be developing insomnia, as I am awke at 3am and can't go back to sleep.


Mary said...

Hope your life slows down a little in this heat and I hope the red-tailed recovers! What a great bunch of people to come to the aid of a hawk. Namely, you.

Lynne said...

You are my hero Susan! St. Francis must be cheering for you.

mon@rch said...

Susan, wow you really have your hands full! All in a good says work for sure!