Friday, August 31, 2007

Catching my breath and catching some air

Mother Nature seems to be getting over her hot flash around these parts. It was about 78 degrees and low humidity, so we were all able to breathe today. I am summoning my energy for a weekend chock-full of programs; If you are in the area, come and meet me!
Saturday: Mitchell Memorial Forest, 12-4 pm
Sunday: Shawnee Lookout, 12-4 pm
Monday: Farbach-Warner Nature Preserve, 12-4 pm
(I won't be at that one, but you can come and meet some of our birds and the previous Ed. Director, David.)

The weather beckoned us out into the back yard after dinner. I was out for some action shots, and my family delivered:

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Since Isabelle is all leg, it's easy for her to catch some air.

Lorelei seems to have inherited the Italian Short Legs-Gene, so she can't really get off the ground, but between her hair and her Princess nightgown, there was plenty of motion:
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Geoff helped out by flinging the girls around the yard:

Catching air 1

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The dogs got a huge case of The Gritties and Hooper actually caught some air, too:

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This one cracked me up...Hooper was in mid-spin, and he has lost enough weight for his skin to be extra loose:
Flying loose skin

Looks like he's wearing an extra-large sweater. Look at those folds of skin!

Stopping at RAPTOR to gather some things for the weekend and save myself some time, Lorelei and I said hi to Isis, and she happened to be sitting in a sun beam.
I don't think Isis could ever take a bad picture:

Isis 1

I love this one...doesn't it look like she is glowing from the inside???
Isis glow

I'm excited to be taking her on Sunday's program. The park district brings certain birds, and we bring different ones, to round out the program. They will be bringing their "typical" red-tail, so I will bring Isis to show what happens when a little color gene says, "Nope. Ain't gonna do what you say."
A small confession: I am a little intimidated by Isis. She is a very heavy bird, and has extra strong legs (she's a double glove bird!). She is a bit flighty, and since her right wing is partially amputated, her balance is off. So when she bates, she needs assistance getting back up to a glove or a perch. But taking her on Sunday will give me a bit more practice with her, and hopefully I will get over my sissiness.


Cathy said...

Susan, I don't think it's just my old-lady vulnerability to pictures of darling children and dogs talking here:

Those pictures are delightful!

And - yes- Isis is a true beauty. Sure hope she 'sits pretty' for you.

(Wasn't it a gorgeous Ohio day, today? I just returned to Toledo from Loudonville this PM)

mon@rch said...

I bet with cooler temps that it is starting to feel like winter for you!

Liza Lee Miller said...

Pretty jealous of your temperate weather! I just listened to our weather report -- the guy kept trying to insist that triple digits was "fabulous!" Uh, I don't think so!

Your children and dogs are fabulous though!

And, that Isis -- wow.

NatureWoman said...

Wow, Isis is glowing! And I'm sure you'll do good with her on Sunday!
Doesn't it feel good to have it be cooler. I love your family photos where everyone feels like moving again!

Mary said...

I'm catching up here, Susan! Your action shots are great. I never, ever tire of seeing your girls..

Isis is gorgeous and that last photo is awesome. She's "enlightening!"

Hope your programs went well today and I'm glad you have lower temps!

Romaine said...

Well said.