Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Don't mess with Victor.

Oh, is it ever gonna freakin' rain?
I can only look out on panting, sorry birds for so long. Time to get out the hose.
That feels SO GOOD

First was the weeping cherry tree in the front yard.
One of the young cardinals soaked it up big time.

Do you mind I'm takin a shower

"Do you mind? I'm showering here."

Then it was dragging the hose through the house to the back yard. Since hummingbirds are libel to be knocked out by a large rain drop, they LOVE mist.

And we have a rather assertive hummingbird this year. I have named him Victor.
Victor E. Get it?

Victor E.

He's like on uppers or something.

Sip n shower

Nothing like having a cold beverage while taking a shower.
But no one else was getting near that feeder but Victor.
(Look closely at the can see blurs of other hummers trying to cut in)

You can't have any!
"No! Mine!"

Go away!

"I'll bite you in the tail feathers, punk!"

I added a stick to the top of the feeder, for a staging area. But Vic claimed that, too.

Victor above

"No! MY stick! Mine!"

Who dat

"You have a death wish, don't ya, loser?"

It's all mine....haw haw haw

"It's mine....alllllll mine!"


Tell the Creationists they can bite me. Ever get a really good look at feathers? When birds evolved from reptiles, they retained the pattern of scales. dinosaurs.

By the way, the fight over the feeder lasted for a solid hour, before Victor finally perched, panting, on the top of his stick.

Hot and panting

"It's hard work to be so macho."

Grasshopper on feeder

Grasshopper on the feeder (imagine a really dopey voice): "What happened?"

A video of Victor, as he "rested"...the goofy thing never sat still:

*The bird call you hear in the background is my kitchen clock*


Lynne said...

I think in your video Victor is listening to a teeny tiny iPod and he's got his groove on! Shake it Victor! Show us whatchu GOT!!

I love the pic and caption of Victor on the stick proclaiming "It's mine....alllll mine!" MwaHaHaaaa!!!

This is an excellent post!!

Trixie said...

WOW! What a spaz. He has a hyped up hummingbird metabolism...imagine!

mon@rch said...

How wonderful to have watched these guys like this with the spraying of the hose! I really love the cardinal shot!

Mary said...

Love that video, Susan! I love the way they look up and around, protecing whatever they want. Their little bodies move with their heads. So cute!

I had a little "Victor" last week. What a tyrant!

NatureWoman said...

Victor E - I love the story and your photos, he's a mighty fine manly bird for sure!
Whenever it rains here (don't get excited now) it only rains at most 1/4". Nothing to write home about, at all.

KatDoc said...

Great minds run in the same track! I have been working on a hummingbird post all week; finally got the photos uploaded today.


Helena said...

A little too much sugar in that nectar, buddy?