Tuesday, August 25, 2009

We are a Kindergartener!

Last time we went through this, I obsessively folded and re-folded my kitchen towels all day. I cried a little. I worried and waited. But it turned out fine.

Today, it was Lorelei's turn to venture forth into Elementary school.

Can anyone tell that this kid is UBER-ready for Kindergarten?
Lorelei first day of Kindergarten

She was brighter than the sun.
First day of K

She sat at her desk, and while the other kids were jumping up and down, talking loudly, my Lorelei just sat with her hands in her lap and smiled, overjoyed to finally be there.
In classroom

I stayed maybe thirty seconds longer than I needed to. After I hugged her goodbye, she didn't look my way again. I took my leave.
I spent the day sitting by the river, making calls for RAPTOR programs, some shopping (I took the plunge, so to speak and bought a new push up bra. This is a big deal...I'm happy to report that I was able to buy a whole size SMALLER than I usually wear. Still hovering at about 30 pounds lost...gonna have to bring out the big guns to keep losing)
Geoff and I walked out together to meet the bus....
Off the bus
And she was still brighter than the sun.

Off the bus 2

The excitement of the day seems to have affected her a bit.
She fell asleep before dinner.

I was more composed this time around than I was a few years ago when Isabelle went off for her first day of school. But I still worried. I thought of her every...oh....10 seconds.
I kept going back in my mind to the day she came into my life. And I can't believe how fast it all goes.

(January 28, 2004)


Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

She is so lovely.

LauraHinNJ said...

Oh boy... the milestones just keep coming...


(I wanna see a pic of you 30 lbs. lighter... jeesh!)

Anonymous said...

She is so adorable! And looks just like you.

Trixie said...

Well, brighter than the sun, yes. The beautiful, bright blonde hair and lovely yellow shirt sure don't hurt. May she always, always shine so.

congratulations to the William's household.


Beth said...

She is growing up fast. You must be a proud mama.


NCmountainwoman said...

What a sweet post! My own daughter came over to me (so many years ago) and gently whispered, "I think it's time for the Mommies to go home."

Wow! Thirty pounds! Very impressive!

dguzman said...

Oh man, 30 lbs--you go, girl! And YAY for Lorelei! It's a proud day for everyone.

Anonymous said...

Bright, shiny star. What a moment! (And, congrats on your weight loss! Rock on!)

dAwN said...

What a beautiful sunny gal...somehow I think she takes after her mom!

Mary said...

Sweet. She's going to make a difference in that classroom, you know.

I remember the first time Gina boarded the Kindergarten bus like it was yesterday. We had a big old clunky video camera. Yes, I thought about her that day - oh, every 10 seconds.