Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Isabelle's big day

Now that it's over, I have to say that this day was easier than I imagined it would be.

Say Kindergarten!

Say "Kindergarten"!

We drove to school....

Waiting in the cafeteria

And waited in the cafeteria to be called.

Waiting in the gym

Then we walked down to the gym to be sorted (kind of like The Sorting in Harry Potter) into groups. Today was all about screening...speech pathology, hearing, etc. There are 5 kindergarten classes: Four typical classes and one "higher" class, for the kids who are more advanced and need to be challenged. Can you guess which one I want Isabelle to be in? I like that they don't try to make everyone fit into the same hole.

Mommy taken by Isabelle

We had to sit for a little bit until we were called back to the classrooms, so I let Isabelle take pictures to give her something to do.

Walking away

Then we walked back to one of the classrooms...
My little girl, walking away from me.

Being a good student

Look how nicely she is sitting there, waiting for instructions. Most of the other kids were talking loud, and jumping around. Not my girl. Ready and waiting for the day to begin.

Then Lorelei and I said goodbye and gave Isabelle kisses and hugs. Isabelle was completely undaunted. I said to Lorelei as we walked out, "Huh. I think it would be nice if someone cried when I said goodbye."

So then I had hours. To watch the clock and refold the kitchen towels.
And watch the birds:

Bald is beautiful

Bald is beautiful. Look at that ear opening! It's as big as his eye.

Unfortunate molt

This juvenile house finch seems to be missing a few flight feathers. I was worried until I saw it fly fairly steadily away.

And more waiting....
And then it was time to go to the top of the street and wait for the bus. (Our street ends in a cul-de-sac and buses can't turn around in it) We left the house really early...like 30 minutes too early.

There it is!

There it is!

There she is!

There SHE is!

Off the bus!

Isabelle really wants to get in the house

Isabelle was very ready to get into the house. See the pink speck? She ran ahead of us down the entire street and got into the house way before we were even close.

We will go in on Friday and see what classroom she will be in and meet her new teacher. Then Monday, she goes off on the bus all by herself. I am so tired...I spent the day trying to stay busy and not think about my little one in a big, scary school all by herself. But I really didn't have anything to worry about. She said she liked it.
But what happens when she goes off to college?


Trixie said...

Good heavens, girl, is that your driveway or a narrow lane? That sucka is long! How much mowing do you have?

Good job, Isabelle and Mom.

Susan Gets Native said...

Our driveway is pretty long...we own 5 feet on either side. The remaining part of our property is all in the back of the house. We only have about an acre.
Whew....today was interesting.

mon@rch said...

After yesterdays post, I thought you were really going to take this day hard! Glad that it went alright and glad the cardinal showed you his bald head! Just 13 more years and yes you will be worrying about college!

Liza Lee Miller said...

Congrats, Mom! You survived! I'd tell you that the next one is easier but you'd know I'm lying! :)

LostRoses said...

What a sweet post, Susan! Today was my oldest granddaughter's first day of first grade and I called her mother to get a blow-by-blow account. Her day was rather like yours. Oh, those milestones!

Mary said...

I'm glad to hear she liked it! Every milestone is tough - the worry never ends. First bus ride, first day school, first solo flight, dropping them off at college, first job...the list goes on. My daughter started a new job a year ago and I still worried on her first day. Weird, isn't it?

NatureWoman said...

Phew! And Yay! She did good! And you did good!
I love your bald cardinal photo.

Lynne said...

Your Isabelle is one beautiful little girl. She has your eyes and it sounds like she has a bit of your personality too! I'm glad her big day went well for both of you.