Sunday, August 30, 2009

A day overflowing

Today, awake at 5 am to chase a Western Kingbird at the Oxbow with Les.
No kingbird, but still.

A day overflowing:

A quiet, chill Sunday morning
Perfect for watching the world with a like-minded soul

Tracks at Oxbow

Adding to my ever-growing list of things that fly
Tennessee WArbler
(Tennessee Warbler)

We watched a thousand swallows dance over
A million sparkles of light

Leaf and loop
The smallest things caught my eye and became beautiful
Least sandpiper

A small animal in need found us and came home with me
Les and stray cat
(He's not staying.)

Afternoon: Germantown Metropark with my family.

A different place but the same feeling of overflowing
Orb weaver and Isabelle
Enjoying an elegant lady resting

Dancing with dogs,
Tytus and Lorelei

Catching baby leeches by accident
Baby leech

And pursuing an Eastern Tailed-Blue by choice,
Eastern Tailed Blue
Showing that elusive blue, just a glance, like fancy petticoats under a printed muslin.


Anonymous said...

While I wish you'd gotten to see your Kingbird, it sounds like a wonderful day.

NatureWoman said...

What a beautiful day! I love the spider and the elusive blue. Your daughters keep getting more beautiful every time I see them! They're shooting up so fast.

Mary said...

God I love sparkles on water. Makes me want to overflow.

Mel said...

What a lovely day! Love that blue little beauty :)

dguzman said...

What a beautiful post for a beautiful day. Wish I'd been there.

donaldthebirder said...

Bird IDed as Tennessee Warbler here looks like a fall Prairie Warbler to me.

Susan Gets Native said...

Whoops. My bad. Les was pointing them out and I had a confusion.
We saw both a Tennessee and a Prairie...both lifers.

dAwN said...

oh Susan..I love love these photos..the sparkles..your daughter and the spider..the blue butterfly on finger..the rounded branch with the leaf in the middle..and sparkles
what a wonderful eye you have!