Friday, March 06, 2009

East of nowhere, with lots going on

Here I sit, in beautiful rural Adams County Ohio. Tomorrow morning is the Adams County Bird Symposium, and a tradition of mine is to come out the night before and get a nice quiet hotel room. The birds sleep in their carriers and I get to sleep in a bed by myself.
Another tradition is the "Open Curtains". The first year I came out here, I took a picture of my tiny hotel room, and Swami, my ever-vigilant father-in-law commented on the curtains.
I took a picture last year, too.

This year, I continue the tradition:

open curtains 2009

(I'm on the second floor, just as I always am. Nothing out there to peer in, except....)

While unloading my car, I heard some killdeer. And some spring peepers. Then some sounds that I have only heard on bird websites...WOODCOCKS!
(Whistling and 'peenting', the males show their stuff to the females as they perform aerial displays. )
This video didn't pick up a lot of 'peents' but if you listen closely, you might be able to hear some of the whistles and a few peents:

From what I have read, the dusk displays last about 30-40 minutes, while the dawn displays can last for an hour. Maybe I will get up early and listen for them. Or maybe I won't.

It's quiet out there now. I guess they are all having sex down in the mud.


KGMom said...

Am I seeing things--do those drapes not even meet in the middle.
Nothing like a small abandoned feeling hotel room to help lull you to sleep. . .or not.
Hope your night is/was peaceful.

Anonymous said...

I needed a smile..reading your comment about having sex in the mud provided it..thank you...

Kallen305 said...

LOL about sex in the woods!!! I can't believe you could hear the woodcocks and saw killdeer. Two birds I have yet to see to put on my list! I am going to have to start searching woods around dusk apparantly.

Enjoy the trip!

Kathiesbirds said...

Sex down in the mud sounds very earthy! Only you would think of posting that thought! I hope you have fun and I hope you get to see a woodcock, aka, "Timberdoodle!"

Mary said...

I forgot to listen tonight! I'm determined to at least here them...

I heard your peepers. Isn't this great?

I'm sure you had a fabbo time :o)

Trixie said...

Ohhh...I daydreamed of being at the Amish Birding Symposium as I worked, and worked yesterday. Sigh....