Friday, February 29, 2008

Single in Seaman

Here I sit in Adams County...with my lap top, hot pizza, TV and jammies. Life is good.

I got a call from Trixie yesterday, about getting together when she comes into Cincinnati, and when I mentioned the birding symposium, she said, "Hey...wasn't that when your father-in-law yelled at you for not having the curtains closed?"
Dang, she has a good memory!

Click here to see Swami yelling at me-Never mind that I am on the second floor and the only creature who would be looking in my window at night would be an owl (which I would welcome gladly!)

And to begin a tradition (you can start a tradition the second time something happens, right?), here's a picture of my Adams County hotel room this year, complete with slightly open curtains.

This very well might be the same room as last year. It's a nice hotel. Well, it's the only hotel...

Tomorrow: Showing off the birds (the four of them are comfortably resting in their carriers tonight) and then a bird walk. Is there a better pairing of words in the English language?
Bird Walk.....
A random funny that had me howling (in my car, alone...scaring the kids in the car next to me):
Seaman...a place that is has a lot of very very small folks in it.
That's bad. Lord, I apologize.
(But it's still funny)


Mary said...

I REMEMBER THE SCORN POST! Susan, lap up the hours of freedom in a hotel room. Alone. But keep those damned blinds closed, please?

Have a great night and day.

Trixie said...

Too bad I cannot remember really important stuff! Have fun in Seamen! Hee heee heee

NatureWoman said...

First thing I was going to say when I saw the photo was "at least the curtains are mostly closed so Swami won't yell at you this year!"
Bird Walk, Nature Walk, Herb Walk, anything with Walk is good for me!!
Enjoy Susan!

Lynne said...

Have fun on your own this weekend. Doesn't it feel GOOD? I've been know to drive up to Hasty Brook by myself for a few days at a time. I'm happy with solitude.

Are there any sea men in Seamen?