Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Goin' back a ways...

I have nada to post about, but still feel the need.
I was looking at photos from two years ago, and found some oldies but goodies.

Junior in mew

If you are relatively new to the blog, here's Junior's story.
About this time two years ago, he was sitting in a nice warm mew with free meals, awaiting his transfer to a nature center in Illinois.

That little head tilt just makes me melt. I was hiding behind the door as I took photos, in case he wanted to mate with my head again.
Junior 2

About two years ago, I went to my first OOS Owl Symposium:
(One of my Sunday Sketches...I so need to start doing those again. They made me giggle.)
sunday sketch OOS

Where are we going
Off to his foster home, and onward to a forever home with another Boston, two kids and no cats.

The first foster home was completely useless, but the second time was the charm. Have you ever heard of a dog rescue returning your dog to you three months later???
I still miss him. The girls still talk about him. And Geoff says that Boomer was his favorite (we won't tell Nellie and Hooper).

I don't want to leave anyone depressed so how about an ending about food?

As most of you are aware, birds of prey eat meat. Bird of prey rehab centers need to supply that meat to their birds. A LOT of meat.

This was two years ago...during the quarterly "Rodent Run" (a fun video at that link...you have to have a warped sense of humor to deal with all this stuff), we were pleased (and a little horrified) at the size of some of the rats.
Some of them were approaching 2 pounds. They wouldn't fit in the bags.
So Marc had a good idea.....
Cut off the tails so the rats will fit.

big rats

(The birds don't eat the tails anyway....)
: - )


LauraHinNJ said...


Kallen305 said...

Ewwwww. Love your foster dog. What a cute little face.

I really like the sketches and adore the owl. They have such curious, wise little faces.

Anonymous said...


Wayne, PA

NCmountainwoman said...

I really loved this "nada" post. I like your sketches and now I know why you have such a soft spot for Chet Baker.

I had no idea raptors had a distaste for mouse tails. I always learn something from you. Now, if I can just manage to work that into the dinner party conversation...

KGMom said...

You do realize this is my day off, and I am supposed to be preparing for my classes tomorrow?

Well, you had me at he wanted "just in case he wanted to mate with my head again."

Off I go reading all your back posts--looking at photos of you in drag, etc.

Thanks. . .for your "nothing" post.

Anonymous said...

Rat tails and Boomer
And funny Sunday Sketches.
Junior whose mating with
poor Susan's head.
Funny stories coming
from my computer.
These are a few of my favorite things.

(Hey, it's early. What can I say?)

Kyle said...

"When the dog barks,
When the owl mates,
When de-tailing mice...
I simply remember my favorite things
And then I can feeeeeel so nice."

Sorry, but Egretsnest started it!

Just curious -- Was Marc using a carving knife? I hear that's the proper way to cut off their tails. I'm just sayin', is all...

Lynne said...

Did you all have to throw the tails away? Could you make a rat-tail soup?


Mary said...

I remember all of this.

Laura doesn't need to say much, ever, does she?

Boomer was a very cool Boston. What a ride he's had.