Thursday, February 26, 2009

I need to see some birds before I lose it.

My best bird sighting for weeks was this morning. A brown creeper creeping along the sycamores at Lake Isabella. My camera was in a bag, at home, where I left it. I NEVER go anywhere without my camera. Made me feel like I left the house without pants.

If you ever wanted to know what it's like to be tackled by Hooper, the 80 pound "German Malusky", as Kathi calls him (German Shepherd, Malamute, Husky), this is the last thing you see before the tackle:

Tackled by Hooper
Thank you for the love, Hoopie. Now could you please get off my chest?

Hooper is prone to staring vacantly. I wonder what he's thinking about?
1000 yard stare Hooper
"That bacon-grease-soaked paper towel that I ate earlier was really good. I haven't smelled anyone's heiny for like an hour. Trrrreeeeeeeats.....I like trrrreeeeeeats.....I need to pee."

Last weekend, the whole family went to the Cincinnati Museum Center to see a new exhibit "Dinosaurs Alive", and to see the affiliated iMax movie. Meh. It was okay. Not really worth the money we paid (and we are members, even).

I wandered off at one point and went into the John Ruthven Gallery.
They have original Federal Duck Stamps going all the way back to 1936:

1936 Duck Stamp
Above each stamp was the original artwork.

This one reminded me of Laura, because of the soulful-eyed Lab, and the duck in the mouth (she has a thing for ducks):
Maynard Reece duck stamp

Here's the Williams family about to be eaten (by a plant-eating dinosaur):
Family eaten by dinosaur
Hams. That's what they are.

Last one....

Lucy, wrapped in a Birdie Burrito:

Lucy in a Birdie Burrito
Officially, it's called "toweling", but that's no fun. (She was getting her beak coped, hence the towel, the hood and the pen).


Mary said...

Susan, you're a scream. I just had my last laugh before bedtime. Your take on Hooper is priceless.


Lynne said...

Good Lord! Hooper's thoughts...I almost peed myself.

Poor Lucy. That looks totally and completely humiliating.

Kyle said...

Can't help with the birding (or lack thereof), but maybe this little fella will at least bring a smile to your face:

I thought of you as soon as I saw it!

Oh, and Hooper and Crockett must be distantly related somehow. I swear that's exactly what he's thinking half the time...

Kyle said...

Hrmmm, you may need to cut and paste that link, otherwise it opens in the little bitty pop-up box. Sorry!

NatureWoman said...

You're cracking me up, Susan! Ohh, duck stamp artwork, what a cool thing to see!!

Mel said...

Lol... birdie burrito... lol
Sorry, can't help it! lol