Saturday, November 15, 2008

A post chock-a-bock full of ooey, gooey goodness

It's not often I do a post full of warm and fuzzies. But yesterday and today, they were everywhere I turned.

I truly believe Lorelei wants to be Elton John when she grows up. Her old sunglasses broke and since this girl is all about fashion, it was traumatic. We found her some rad blue shades and all is well with the world. They cost all of 75 cents at our favorite consignment store. This is all it takes for her to be happy.

Lorelei and license plate
Here's the new license plate (if you can see it through all that cuteness.)
The car feels like it is really ours now. That, and we made our first payment on it. Feels a bit too real.
: )

Random goodness...
While grocery shopping today, a group from the Loveland Food Pantry was handing out lists of food items that they needed to help people make Thanksgiving dinner this year. I could choose something from the list, buy it and then donate it.
So I did. That tiny thing made me feel so good...and someone who is down on their luck will benefit. Loveland is for the most part an upper-middle class town, but there are still those who will appreciate what the rest of us can do to help.

Lorelei "stole" my camera from the front seat of the car and took random photos. Many of them were of the sky.
I can't explain why that pulled at my heart strings.

This morning, I did a program in Mason, a nearby community. Why, may I ask, would anyone do a nature program at 9 AM on a Saturday? I needed toothpicks to hold my eyes open.
Porous concrete
Their new nature lodge has a "porous concrete" parking lot. Storm water runs through a foot or so of concrete and then through a few feet of gravel. When the water hits the stream nearby, it is cleaner than when it hit the ground. All the salt, oil and grime is filtered out.
Is that cool or what? I was suitably impressed. We need things like this.

When I got home, the house was empty. And cold.
I turned the heat on a bit, started a fire in the fireplace.
I also made a big pot of homemade chicken noodle soup.
Homemade chicken soup
I like a little soup with my noodles. I used a potato peeler to make nice thin strips of carrot, and put in way too much chicken. We had it for dinner with fresh French bread and it was fabulous.
Did I mention that this was from scratch? I think Geoff will soon tire of all the chicken soup I have been making lately, so if anyone has some good soup recipes, I'd love to see them.

So. Twenty four hours of happy moments and cozy comfort.
Tomorrow, back to the smut.
: )


Anonymous said...

ooey-gooey goodness, indeed. Was this a post on your site or on Cute Overload? :)

Kallen305 said...

Those glasses are fabulous and they look adorable on your daughter! She takes really good pictures for someone her age. Heck, I think she does better than me HA!

I live on chicken soup in the winter. I make the usual chicken noodle, but I also make an Asian chicken and cabbage soup.

The ingrediants are as follows: (sorry I don't measure anything, I just eye it)

Fresh Chicken Stock
I add salt, pepper and Bells Seasoning to this.

I then add a bunch of freshly grated ginger and a good sized sprig of lemon grass. I add some vinegar, sugar and red pepper to it to give it that hot, sour and sweet effect that is popular in Thai cuisine

I add back the chicken and cut up some cabbage. Next comes some water chestnuts and snow peas.

I love it, but my kids don't. Its good if you like Asian food.

BTW: I have been lurking here for a while and had to post for the first time because I love to talk soup. ;o)

Susan Gets Native said...

Yeah, she's all about glamour. And we have beaucoup cuteness up in here.

Well, hi there! Welcome to the Delurking Program, where we lead you through the steps of becoming a regular commenter.
: )
Thanks for the soup recipe. That sounds GOOD. My hubby and I dig Asian stuff, but the kids won't go for it. So more for us!

NatureWoman said...

I love those sunglasses - an Elton John in the making, for sure! Mmmmm, even though I'm a veggie, your soup looks delish! I'm gonna make a new tomato soup recipe today. I *love* tomato soup, even though it doesn't have all of that veggie goodness that veggie soup does.

nina said...

Yum, that soup is perfect for this day--gray and spitting snow against our windows.
Yours, too?

My secret ingredient to almost anything I cook, soups especially, is to start with an onion browned in olive oil. It adds a nice "heartiness", and olive oil is something I can't get enough of! And gives it all a nice warm glow.

(this is not so good in chocolate cake or cookies!)

bruss1510 said...

Hi Susan: A professional's tip - brown your chicken bones in the oven (at about 400 degrees) with halved onions (skin and all) for 30 minutes before making stock with them - toss them in a bit of olive oil, salt and pepper and spread on a sheet pan. You will get a rich color and incredible flavor.


Joy said...

Love the shades, they're too cool. I might need a pair myself now.

I would like a large bowl of soup please. Thank you.

Gallicissa said...

I am sorry I am only a consumer of soup -- so, no tips from me. That soup looks great.

KGMom said...

Barely able to type because of all the goodness coming from your blog--love that kid! and the glasses! and your response to those in need! and a porous parking lot!!! LOVE it all.

Soup--??--did someone say soup? Stop by KGMom's place and click on the soup link. I have a few recipes there--not all chicken either.

Mary said...


Donna (KGMom) is the soup queen. But yours looks tasty! Our low temps will be 20s this week - time for soup!

Lorelei will be famous one day, I think ;o)

Jess Riley said...

L is a doll!!! Love that grin. :)

I watched a doc on PBS last night that made me think of you--it was about the bald eagle. So I thought I'd stop by and say 'hi!'

dguzman said...

That soup looks dee-lish, even with the chicken in it. One of these days, I'm gonna have to meet these amazing kids of yours.

Mel said...

What a great post! My favourite part, Lorelai's new fashion item!!

Kathiesbirds said...

Now I'm laughing and feeling good myself! I made pumpkin muffins yesterday, does that count?