Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A video and a contest

We were walking out to meet Isabelle at the bus stop...
I glanced up, and in the tree right above us sat a red-shouldered hawk. I whispered for Lorelei to back up slowly. I got my camera out of the car and got a quick video.
(It's a good thing Lorelei got that answer embarrassing would that have been, a child of mine not knowing her hawks?

For the first time, I got a personalized license plate. A shiny new Subaru needs some bling!
Here's the contest...let's see how well some of you know me.
A standard plate has room for seven letters and one space. I used them all.
First person to guess correctly (or the closest guess) what I chose for my plate gets this:

Silver bracelet with heart-shaped toggle clasp, and a cute, lightweight charm. The beads are metallic glass and green/pink stones.

Leave your guess in the comments.


Beth the cousin said...


How many guesses do we get?

NatureWoman said...


NatureWoman said...

or RAPTOR 1 since you used the space

Susan Gets Native said...

As many guesses as it takes.
No one has it yet, but those are good ones!
(RAPTOR1 is already taken by someone in Ohio)

KatDoc said...


~Kathi, who hasn't seen the plate, so cannot be accused of cheating

Mary said...

Oh, crap. Past bedtime and I'm wracking my brain over your license plate.


Stacy said...


darling bracelet. love our little one whispering! adorable!

Stacy said...

Oh; how bout BRDTAXI?

The Swami said...

How about:

TUPPENCE (for your Mary Poppins moods)

KGMom said...

4 da brds?

KGMom said...

OK --reworking my guess (I just noted the ONE space rule).


Owlman said...


NatureWoman said...

LOL at Swami! Okay, well, I think RAPTOR was a great guess! You can't say I don't know you!
RAPTOR with something around it, before, after, whatever.

Owlman said...


Ok, so my mind started wondering towards the end there....

Susan Gets Native said...

Wow. I needed you guys around when I was debating what to put on it!
Those are AWESOME!
Kathi wins with her guess of P FALCON.

I'll do another contest, since some of you are probably pouting.

(Owlman really went off the deep end, didn't he?)
: )

Owlman said...


dguzman said...

DANGIT! I was going with PER GRN

KatDoc said...

Actually, I may have to give my prize to Owlman, only if he promises to wear it into sports bars, gyms, strip clubs, and any other macho place he goes.


Owlman said...

I'm sure my buddies at the fire department would love it! ;-)

NCmountainwoman said...

Well, guess that's what I get for thinking too long. You never end the contests so soon, but I wouldn't have guessed the answer anyhow.

Lynne said...

Here I am, late to the party...
You got some hilarious comments this time around Susan!

NatureWoman said...

P FALCON - that is sooo cool! Congats Katdoc!
Now I'm going away with a pout on. I thought RAPTOR something or other was pretty damned good! LOL!

Trixie said...

Just like Lynne, I am late to the show. Owlman and Katdoc totally rocked out. All I could do was count. Kathi will look lovely with that bracelet.

Mary said...

P FALCON. Geeesh. Yay for Katdoc! These comments were hilarious. I think we need to find more ways to entertain the child in, contests, and prizes rock.

You KNOW you need to publish your new plate for us...

Mary said...

BTW, remember that pretty bracelet you gave me last year? I wore it often last summer and EVERYONE commented on how it suited me...even the detention officers and swat team liked it. Mainly the female officers, of course... they're tough as nails but like nice jewelry :o) Just sayin'.

RuthieJ said...

well it's good to know Kathi won and knows you so well Susan! (my guess was IASK WTF)

Kathiesbirds said...

Well, Susan, what can I add? It's all been so well said by others, and Owlman's mind was working overtime. Apparently his acronym brain cells went into overload. I agree with KatDoc, give him the bracelet as long as he wears it to work! BTW, that's one fine braclet! You are so talented! (Can you make bracelets from owl pellets I wonder?)