Friday, October 17, 2008

Yummy, ooey-gooey post ahead

A year ago, Lucy made me very proud by being trusting (and hungry) enough to eat during a program. My program today was at that same place...the City of Hamilton Water Fest at Miami University Hamilton campus. Inspiring and teaching hundreds of kids about the importance of clean water. (Plenty of bird of prey tie-ins...DDT, pollution)
Lucy sucked down three mice over the course of four programs, once again making me very proud.

I love Miami's mascot: A Harrier. And their signs are tres cool:
Harriers are scarier
See. Folks who think raptors are awesome are awesome themselves.

It's funny that I mentioned this little thing in response to Liza's suggestion in the comments for a cargo area liner. Our bird carriers are NOT leak-proof...if a bird gets car-sick or needs to poop, if the carrier's are tilted at all....well, look for yourself:
Poopy subaru
ACK! BIRD POOP IN MY NEW CAR! But thankfully, the liner cleans up easily. We don't want Susan to have a conniption or anything.

This dead mouse greeted me at the barn door at RAPTOR today....
Must have died of fright
Hmm. A mouse hanging out at a bird of prey rescue facility? Must have died of fright.


NatureWoman said...

Ack! It's too early in the morning to watch your video! Love the cool sign!!

Mel said...

Hi Susan!!
Cool video!! About that dead mouse, I think you are right, poor thing, lol...

Joy said...

Oh I love that Lucy! Great video, she looks like she's really enjoying that meal. I love raptors so much. I saw a Golden Eagle out on a trail ride last weekend. Woot!