Thursday, October 16, 2008

And room for more

Having a roomy car is a luxury for me. Aside from a big Dodge pick-up truck, my cars have been four-door sedans. Fine for a family, but a bit tricky with big birds in big carriers.

The new car is just so nice. I can pack birds and kids and still have room for more.

Empty car:
The cargo area has this neat cargo cover, so if you don't want everyone to see what you are carrying, you can cover it up!
And a very useful net to either tie down big stuff, or to help your groceries stay where you want them:
Cargo net

And a car full of birds and paraphernalia:
Full Car
The back seat is empty, so I could still have three kids in there. Or two normal-sized adults.
Or three malnourished adults....

I have a long program tomorrow and I will be bringing perches and all the indoor stuff I need for a presentation. Gone are the days when I have to drive a car around that looks like this:

Packed car RAPTOR

Hard to take a deep breath when you are up to your armpits in birds, a box of dead things, a poop tarp, a cart, perches, a purse......

Yippee! Susan can breathe again!


Kitt said...

Yay! I heart my Scoobydoo, too.

Anonymous said...

Looks great! I'd recommend one of these cargo liners though for easy cleanup.

(Not that I'm recommending this vendor or anything just that they had a picture of it. Enjoy.)

Susan Gets Native said...

I am having a very good time driving this thing around...lots of get-up-and-go.

I have one of those, actually. It will come in handy when one of the birds either poops large amounts or Lucy gets car-sick and it runs out of the carrier.
: )

Trixie said...

Isn't Garnet lovely! I am so glad you now have some A/C for the humid Cincy days.

The Swami said...

Late breaking scoop from Faux News:

John McCain may dump Sarah Palin as VP and replace her with Joe the Plumber.

I'm not completely sure how that is related to your new car...but I'm working on it.

Susan Gets Native said...

Yes, thank God. A/C-less car = pissed off Susan. I've noticed that lots of people name their Subaru. That's interesting. We have "Zoom-A-Room", "Scooby Doo"...know what I came up with ?
"Barroo". It's a bit of a joke around here. Know how a dog will turn it's head when you say Treat or Wanna Go Outside? We call that "Barroo?" And it rhymes with Subaru.
So I guess my car now has a name.

Jim (aka Swami):
Yeah. Work on that. It will be interesting to see what you come up with.
: )

NatureWoman said...

It looks so much better than driving around in your sedan.
Back in the 70's I had a friend whose parents have a Subaru, and they called it a "Super Boo Boo" because it had lots of engine problems. Obviously things have improved since then!

RuthieJ said...

That's a great looking, multi-purpose vehicle Susan. Enjoy breathing again!

Mary said...

I'm kinda jealous as I gave up my Envoy over a year ago for a Accord. The Envoy was too big but there wasn't ANYTHING I couldn't load into it!

So I feel your excitement! Drive safely - stay away from the mudlands :o)

NCmountainwoman said...

How wonderful to have a car that really suits your needs. Hooray!

Kyle said...

Congrats on the new wheels, Susan! Looks like you picked a good one. I know several Subaru owners that wouldn't give theirs up for anything.


Joy said...

Yay for your new vehicle! Congratulations, and I'm so happy for you. You should name it for sure. I name all my cars. My honda accord is sophie. it fits.