Friday, October 19, 2007

Very proud

Today, at a program, Lucy showed trust.
See Video:

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Lynne said...




It must feel like such an honor to develop a trust with that magnificent bird.

mon@rch said...

Eat the juicy parts first! Hmmm

Mary said...

OH, Susan. Amazing. I loved hearing the children ooo and ahhh over Lucy as she enjoyed her meal.

Was she looking to you while she chomped on bits and pieces, as to say, "Am I doing OK, guardian angel?"

NatureWoman said...

This is so very cool, Susan!! Love those juicy bits (as I was trying hard not to let my just eaten breakfast turn in my stomach). You rock!

birdchick said...

Very Cool, Susan!

Nice that you got the tail action, keep up the great work, she'll be feeding from the glove soon.

vicki said...

MMM, yuk. I enjoyed this post so much- it's great to hear you in action. And she IS really lovely.

The Swami said...

A great budget rodent disposal system.

Q said...

Lucy is very beautiful!
Seeing her up close is a thrill.