Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Beauty, beauty everywhere

You know, life is good. Sure, it can kick you in the nads occasionally, but looking around today, I saw all the good stuff.

Some of the good stuff:

Feed me Seymour!
Mom's house wrens have little ones.
(I can't resist..."FEED ME, SEYMOUR!")

A butterfly (where the heck is my field guide???) paused in the afternoon sun, long enough for me to get a photo.
UPDATE: Hackberry Emperor

Wisteria pods
Mom has a wisteria, and it's growing these weird yet lovely pods. MINE doesn't grow sends out runners and is bent on world domination. These pods reminded me of the baby rats...same hair-do.

Girls bubbles garage
My girls dance and frolic among front of Dad's garage. Gulp. Yeah, I got choked up, because this is the building he practically lived in. But that sadness is beautiful too, because I am reminded of how much people loved him and miss him still.

I strong!
My youngest thinks she is very strong. God, I hope she is. Because a strong woman is a beautiful woman.

Isabelle bubbles
Ditto for this photo.

Lorelei dancing bathing suit
This child, 20 minutes before this photo was taken, was bawling her eyes out because she and Isabelle were having a sleepover at Mom's (she's a bit of a home-body). I have a program tomorrow and I needed childcare. That cranky kid became a happy, dancing sprite. Beautiful.

Late bird gets the worm
Coming home this evening, without kids to make all the birds bolt as they run to the house to escape the cicadas, I got the chance to watch a robin fly home with a worm to feed the newest babies in the yard.

Rainbow in the carpet
And a chance afternoon sunbeam through leaded glass can make a boring stretch of gray carpet into a painting.

See? Life is good.


cindy said...

Very Good!!!

Anonymous said...

Life is truly good. Despite all the crap it can hand out, it is good. Glad you enjoyed it today!

My wisteria does both -- pods and runners! It is insistent on two-fold world domination. Of course, it has to start by dominating Redwood trees so it has to work harder! :)

Kitt said...

What a nice day, and some nice shots to remember it by.

NatureWoman said...

Life *is* good! LOL on the hairdo! And wah on your Dad's garage - I'm there with you. Sweet baby birdies, and nice, strong girls - yay! And what the heck are you blogging for when you have Geoff all to yourself? LOL!

mon@rch said...

I just love this time of the year!

NCmountainwoman said...

Very nice, uplifting post to start the day. Life IS good and we all need to appreciate that fact.

Lynne said...

You ar RIGHT my dear, life is good.
I love all your moments.
Another blogger told me that those achy, grieving moments are actually good and to be embraced because the keep us connected to those we miss.

nina said...

Yes, life IS good. From baby birds to a chance rainbow thrown in your path to brighten your day--sometimes the little things are the best!

Hope your tomorrows are wonderful.

Rurality said...

I love wisteria pods when thy've released teir seeds and dried up in that springy-curly manner. They make great potpourri!