Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Post of Captions (Or, I Can Has Cheezburger I Ain't)

You want true-blue hilarity, go to I Can Has Cheezburger. If you want a small chuckle, read on.
(I didn't include Cute Overload, because I am tired of it. And a particular post with an outdoor cat tormenting a chipmunk left me with a "let's just boycott this" taste in my mouth.)


Momma...it's hot let's driveBaby rats 7 days old

Needs more seeds Iz a hungree munkBro...you be squishing me


KatDoc said...

Nellie is not just saying "Drive," she is saying, "Drive to Dairy Queen and buy me a child's portion vanilla soft serve ice cream in a bowl, please."

I know. I can speak Canine.

~Kat(and Dog) Doc

Lynne said...

WOW- those ratlets have really changed and grown! Do they have any hair yet?

Susan Gets Native said...

It's like you are reading her tiny, peanut-sized brain.

Yes! They do have a almost-invisible fuzz on them....and wee little precious whiskers. Oooo, I loves 'em.
I am expecting them to be Siamese colored, but a few look like they are darker than that.
Within the next week, their eyes will open! Weeeee!

Trixie said...

Look at those cute, cute pinkish babies! So sweet. And Nellie, you are sweet, too.

NatureWoman said...

Aw, those babies are so cute!!

NCmountainwoman said...

I can't read her mind, but Nellie is definitely looking forward to this trip.

Love the ratties.

Mary said...

It looks like the rats are growing hair already! Will you keep them all?

dguzman said...

Boy, I lay off the blogs for a couple of days and everyone goes off and gets babies. Cute little... um... pups? ratties? kits?

Jess Riley said...

Cute munk!!!

(Thank you for picking up a copy of DS, by the way...you rock!)

KGMom said...

Oh my goodness--those are baby rats? So tiny.