Thursday, June 26, 2008

Game on!

While I won't be stuffing $100's into this jar for my girls to remove and color with markers, I have started saving for Cape May Autumn Weekend in October. At least with all this coinage, I will have the tolls and parking meters covered.
And I could also start a jar for the New River Birding Festival in April 2009.
Birding festivals.....*delicious shivers*.


Anonymous said...

I keep all money I find in pockets while doing laundry. It usually adds up (in a year) to our "drink" money when on vacation. :) (Which is to say, not a whole lot of cash but it helps!)

Lynne said...

I do laundry money too. Tell me the dates of the Cape May weekend again? I found out my weekends at work are switching so I may be able to go if it's the last weekend in October...

LauraHinNJ said...

Yes, yes! Jumping up and down here!

KatDoc said...

Not having to worry about small people coloring on my paper money, I have started an envelope of cash. Yup, the Doc is making plans to Flock to Jersey this Oct!

I think I need to start a coin jar, too, for quarters for the toll booths. Maybe I will make one at pottery.

Laura, will you promise me 10 Life Birds? (I need all kinds of shorebird, and I am weak on gulls and terns.)


KatDoc said...

Oh, and Lynne: Cape May is Oct 24-26.

Please say you can go - I will bring you a picture of a Black Vulture.


Anonymous said...

Why does KatDoc need to go to the shore to see a tern? that is just a waste of time and money. Instead attract them to your backyard.

Put a Brat or Mett near yopur feeder. Soon you should see a tern for the wurst.

No, no, thanks are not necessary.


KatDoc said...

Ah, Swami, you are quite the card, aren't you? Bad puns are the wurst, aren't they?

~KatDoc, who would love a good pun, if she ever heard one

RuthieJ said...

Thanks for the good idea Susan.....I have a little pickle crock that will be perfect for me to start saving for the New River Birding Festival!