Saturday, March 08, 2008

The White Death of 2008

After nearly 24 hours of snow, we have come out the other side with 15 inches fallen and drifts 2 feet high.

Geoff spent 2 hours shoveling the driveway. We usually like our long driveway (we are back in a cul-de-sac and it lends to a certain privacy), but winters suck sometimes.

Geoff shoveling

And here's the end result of all of his work:
Geoffs work is done
He's a trooper, that Geoff. This way we can get out and buy dog food tomorrow.

My car is in there somewhere
My car is in there somewhere....

Hey lady we are running low on the suet here
"Hey. Hey, lady in the window with that awesome camera? Could you get off your butt, stop taking pictures and get us some more Zick Dough? We're a little low."

Tree sparrow
Aren't tree sparrows spiffy with that Eighties crest?

An interesting thing that I read on the Cornell site:
A study found that the American Tree Sparrow seems to prefer to look for predators out of its left eye. This preference may be because the right hemisphere of the brain is dominant for processing visual information. Oddly, the Dark-eyed Juncos examined in the same study preferred to look out of their right eyes.

Huh. Who does studies like this? Where do I get a grant? I could come up with some cool studies.

So. We survived the worst snow storm since 1998. I plan on birding tomorrow...even if it is just to get a picture of Mama GHOW at Lake Isabella. It's my luck, isn't it, to get a bitchin' new camera and then be snowbound in the house?


Lynxie said...

What the Sam Hill? We are hosting Junior Olympics and are trucking in snow for the trails that have melted out this week. CRAZY!

The Swami said...

Good photos.

Mary said...

I think your camera did a marvelous job around the house! Great snow pix and commentary on sparrow intellect.

NatureWoman said...

I am *so* lovin' the photos you're taking with your new camera! Can't wait to see what you get when you get out and about!

Dave said...

When are you going to give our snow back? It's been in the upper 40's for a week now and we have a sloppy mess. Nice pix's!

RuthieJ said...

I'm sorry Susan! I thought about you guys last weekend when I saw on the Nightly News that Ohio had that paralyzing snowfall. I hope most of it has melted by now?