Thursday, February 14, 2008

Love, Power, Nuthatches and Turkeys

Happy Valentine's Day, one and all!
Geoff and I don't really ever do anything especially romantic on Valentine's, not anymore. We used to be the most revoltingly-mushy couple in the world. But kids and life tend to change the scenery. One reason that Valentine's will always make me smile....Isabelle was conceived on a Valentine's Day. Yeah, you really needed to know that, didn't you?
Geoff, my lovely, sensitive, caring, compassionate, funny man....I love you.

My camera went back to that place tonight. It's going with a note that this camera is being watched by my inside friend . So, if anyone still thinks that a blog can give you power, my camera stands as proof. Now, if I could only land a paid-to-blog gig.

At Mom's today, I got some pictures of her white-breasted nuthatches. I never get tired of watching nuthatches. Their amazing gravity-defying poses lift up my heart.

WBNU by ONE toe
Look at this closely....that bird is hanging from ONE TOE on that top foot. Can you hang by one toe? Me neither.
(That's Zick Dough in the log...I turned Mom into a disciple)

Graceful Tom Turkey
Some tom turkeys came to feed on the scratch Mom throws out for them.
Just look at that bird. How can a 20-pound bird look that graceful?
But, Mom told me that she watched them run the other day when ice was thick on the ground, and the turkeys' feet kept slipping out from under them and their butts were hitting the ground.
I would have paid to see that.

Three Toms
"Watch it, human."


Trixie said...

Gosh, I love those turkey shots! We just have Nature's free lunch, the Spruce Grouse. The are not nearly as interesting or big.

Happy VD, my friend.

Island Rambles Blog said...

I sure love the turkey shots and the little bird holding on with one foot and snacking on Zick's dough...I am not sure what to put the dough in when I make it?? Looks like you have a log feeder thing I could make. You sure get good bird shots. cheers.

Anonymous said...

Hey. What is it with you birders? Zick Dough is waaay overrated. First it is much harder than normal to get the dough to rise. Then, even after it is baked, it is difficult to slice. The sandwiches I've made with it are not too hot either.

The only good thing is that all you have to do to make a PB&J is add jelly.

NatureWoman said...

Happy Valentine's Day Susan! Hopefully your camera will be fixed this time. I love nuthatches. And turkeys. Both very cool to watch!

Amy said...

We love to watch the nuthatches too and get a kick out of their comical poses. Ours seem to take power naps by propping themselves beak-down into the junction between tree branches and the trunks. Their beaks act as a kick stand of sorts and they rest like that for a minute or two before resuming scarfing suit. Have you seen them do this too?

Mary said...

I like watching the nutties, too. Not too shy, but fast!

You are doing great without the camera. I'm hoping you'll be able to trade it in for a new one.

Happy Belated Valentine's Day, Susan!

Julie Zickefoose said...

That is quite the most glamorous tom turkey I have ever seen, the sun glinting off his armor, caught in mid-stride. Beautiful shot! Liam and I were reading together and he said, "Whoa! How did she get that shot?"

Good luck with your camera. And happy Valentine's day. February was a good month for us, too! Just ask Liam...another November babe.

Mel said...

Great turkey pic!