Monday, February 11, 2008

What is he doing right that I am doing wrong?

Geoff has a new writing gig. Getting paid to BLOG.

Paid to blog.

The site is called WalletPop, and it's full of interesting and useful information about personal finance, shopping, etc. Go check it out and you can look for Geoff's posts (they will have his name on them)

Paid to blog. It's wrong. Wrong, I tell ya.


Lynne said...

Paid to blog- cool!

Paid to bird- PERFECT!!!

I hope you like your spark plugs!

Mary said...

Yeah, chocolate covered spark plugs. LOL!

NatureWoman said...

Alright!! Good for him! Going to look at it now. . .

egretsnest said...

Great gig and he's funny! :)

KatDoc said...

Paid to blog - $

Paid to bird - $$

Paid to bird & blog - $$$

Funny husband who can write - Priceless

Please, Susan, don't make him sleep in the garage!


Anonymous said...

Wow Mr. Geoff, Thanks for the idea for an economical, and VERY romantic Valentine's Day candlelight dinner. My wife will swoon.

Mary said...

Hi Susan,

There is something for you at my place tonight :o)