Thursday, February 07, 2008

There's a big RANT coming. So if you would rather not read all the potty-words, just go visit someone else's blog and come back here tomorrow.
Anyone still here? Good.

So, I mentioned that my camera came back yesterday. Well....

I went out and took some quick pictures of the GHOW nest, and as I was happily snapping away, I GOT ANOTHER "LENS ERROR" message. And the zoom, as we all know, was Fubarred.
The exact reason I sent it in, in the first place.
Dammit. Dammit. Dammit.

I took my camera back to the store (I won't mentioned any names, but it's two words that both begin with "B") and waited in line.
The next available member of the "Geek Squad" asked what he could do for me. Dude, this is not your lucky day.
Me: I just got this camera back from servicing and it's doing exactly the same thing as before.

He took it from me and started taking pictures, zooming in and out, etc. No matter what he did, he couldn't make the camera give an ERROR message and he said the zoom was fine.
Great, the camera is making a liar of me.

Geek: Well, we can send it back to the service center and they can take a look.
Me: They didn't fix it before. What makes you think they can fix it now?
Geek: Are you a photographer, ma'am?
( I HATE it when someone calls me MA'AM)
Me: (thinking...well, no, but I like to think that I know a few things) No.
Geek: Well, when you zoom in all the way to digital, the resolution gets worse.
Me: I know, but...
Geek: And the lighting makes a difference, too.
Me: I know that, but...
Geek: We could send it back in to the service center...
Me: AS I SAID BEFORE, what makes you think that they can fix it? I don't trust the service center anymore.
Geek: Well, it's up to you, but we can send it back to the service center...
Me: What are you, a cyborg?
(Okay, I didn't really say that. But I wanted to.)

Another Geek came by and said that he had the same camera and started playing with it. This guy at least understood what the hell I was talking about and said that there was definitely something wrong with my camera. At last! A human to talk to!

Me: Do you hear the squealing when the lens moves?
Geek#1: I didn't hear anything.
Geek #2: Yeah, I heard it. Here, so-and-so, listen. (Put the camera up to the guy's head and zooms in and out)
Geek #1: Oh, yeah. I heard that before.
Me: Holy sh*t.
(Okay, I didn't really say that. But I wanted to.)

Me: (holding out my hand and taking the camera back.) What about the scratches on the barrel?
Geek#1: Huh?
Geek #2: Man, look at that! There's definitely something not right there.
Me: Sigh. Shouldn't the service center have seen that if they replaced the optical stuff and the lens stuff?
Geek#2: Yeah. They didn't see this.
Me: So? What now?
Geek #1: Well, we can send it back to the service center...
Me: LOOK. (Said through clenched teeth) I can't be without this camera for another two weeks. What's the good of sending it back? Do you see that I am NOT HAPPY ABOUT THIS? (And don't you know that I have a BLOG?????????????????)

Geek#1: We could send it back to the service center....
Me: (thinking) Oh, for f*ck's sake....
Geek#1: ...and I could put an "expedite" on it and maybe you can get it back sooner.
Me: NO. (Said with a great deal of venom)

Geek #2 left.
No! Don't leave me with him! He's a damn robot!!!!!

Me: Do you have a "Lemon" policy?
Remaining Geek: Yes, but we would have to send the unit (Oh, now it's a UNIT?) back for service this time, and if it happens again, we can do a blah-blah-blah......and you might get a new camera. This would be the third time you send it in. (Thanks, moron. I didn't know how to count....thank God you are here.)
Me: Might? So I have to be inconvenienced FOUR times? (My voice volume is creeping up here)
Geek (who is visibly sweating now): Well, it's up to you. We can send it back to the service center...
Me: Give me my camera. (snatching it away from him) Thank you for your help.

I marched out of the store, and I swear, employees SCATTERED as I passed.
I got into the car and realized that I had a bad headache coming on...because my jaw was clenched so tight, my teeth hurt.

I started driving, and took out my frustrations on an IDIOT who was crossed the parking lot fast, in the wrong know, when people drive across a parking lot, instead of going up and down the rows like you are supposed to? I hate people who do that. What if a small child was walking from behind a car?
I yelled to him, inside the car, "You stupid f***ing A**HOLE!"
I felt a little better.

So, now I have a camera that definitely has a problem, but sending it back and waiting for two weeks and maybe getting it back in EXACTLY THE SAME CONDITION just was too much for me today. When I calm down, I will probably take it back in, but not without first sending a strongly worded letter to this store's manager and anyone else I can think of.
I mean, this is wrong, isn't it? This guy was so not into making me a happy customer. Why didn't he try harder? All he could do was repeat a stupid doofus.


Trixie said...

Were you tempted to smack him in the head to see if his chip skipped?


Lynne said...

I was trying to come up with something snarky but Trixie's comment was too perfect. Don't get me started on poor customer service- You wouldn't believe the crap I've dealt with this week and the morons were HEALTH CARE WORKERS!!! I feel for you honey. If it were me, I'd send it back hoping they couldn't fix it , then get your money back through the lemon policy, then go to a good camera store where the peeps know what they're doing. Do you have a National Camera store down there? I think they're the best.
I hope your head is better.

The Swami said...

Perhaps you could suggest that they send your unit back to the service center.

NatureWoman said...

If it were me I'd use the lemon law on that bad boy and get myself a brand new, working camera!
I can't stand idiot geeks.

Owlman said...

Ohhhhh the pain of it all! Yesterday I was on hold for at least 45 minutes waiting to order a new set of business checks. I've bought an existing business i.e. name stays the same, federal ID tax number etc etc. Obviously the name of the partners/owners has changed, business address, telephone numbers etc. Anyway, my ‘wonderful’ bank apparently uses an outside vendor to print the checks. So you call up and they put you on hold telling you that they are experiencing a high call volume at this time (yeah, right!). Eventually I get a real person. They tell me they're from the bank and they need to verify my info - no problem. We verify the info and I tell them the story about the new business. They check all the details and the dude says no problemo, I'm sending you to the check printing people. On hold for 5 minutes and then printing man comes on the line. Verify basic info and he asks for the shipping address. I give him our new business address. "I'm sorry sir that is not the information we have on file, I will need to transfer you back to the bank for verification". Blood pressure rising! Back we go for round 2. I'm trying to stay patient because this is an ownership transfer situation. Round 2 of verification goes through, back to printing guy # 2. I mentioned my woes to him and he says he'll have me up and running shortly. He asks me what the names on the checks should be. I give him my name and my new partner’s name. "I'm sorry sir that is not the information we have on file, I will need to transfer you back to the bank for verification". SHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, my blood pressure hits record highs. I starting being mean and nasty but the dude transfers me before I can let him have it. Back on hold - well over the 30 minute mark by this stage. "Thank you for calling Bank of XXXXXXX, my name is XXXXXX, how can I help you today?" Hmm, maybe you can't. After speaking in my most snarky tone I explain that ALL I want is some checks and if that's too much to ask maybe I need to open an account elsewhere. "That's no problem sir, I will resolve this issue for you quickly". RIGHT, I explain that WHATEVER you do, do NOT transfer me across to the printing guys. We need to have a conference call so we can do any cross checking LIVE. After going through yet another round of verification, being on hold and doing cross checking, I end up having to spell each of the names, addresses, phone numbers etc to the check printing man. Given that I have a South African accent, what do you think the changes are that all of this info is in fact correct when I get the checks? I ended up heading for bed at 6 o'clock with a BLAZING headache. As for all the people I talked to, they probably just told each other what a rude foreigner I was..... Sorry, for ranting so long, but I NEEDED to get this off my chest. Bad/non-existent customer service DRIVES ME NUTS! All of these people are drones with no real understanding of the customer... I wish there was someone in a parking lot I could have shouted at ;-)

nina said...

My suggestion: 10 simple words. "Is there anyone else I can talk to about this?"

Go back, be determined that you will not leave until your problem is resolved.

Use your very best powers of patience, no cursing, clench your teeth if you must, but exude sweetness and repeat it sweetly to each Geek who is unable to help.

It may be the manager who finally is brought to you, it may be that they call "corporate", but as long as you're there and not leaving, (and they understand this) they will eventually find someone authorized to give you a decent camera.

Having an unhappy customer hanging around the store is bad for business, and takes their time--they'll want it resolved as quickly as you will.

Good luck!

Mary said...

by the time you realized you wasted your time with the two idiots behind the counter, you couldn't think, could ya? Nina's suggestion, "Is there anyone else I can talk to?" is the next step and might get you to a better place.

I remember being in BB looking at cameras in December. I did not meet one sales tech who knew a freaking thing about cameras!

Cool down, get your ducks in a row, and go get 'em, Susan! They owe you a replacement camera. I feel for ya. We are no longer an industrialized nation. We've turned into a service-related nation and our service sucks.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't have dared to say this while you were still furious (and I fear saying it now), but this is what happens when you buy at the big box stores. The customer service at the local camera shop far outweighs the money saved by shopping at the big box.

Dave said...

I agree with Nina and whoever that last anonymous is. I know it's hard when your frustrated, but if you want good customer service, you have to kiss a little butt. Custmer service is not what you remember it as when there were decent large stores to shop at like Montgomery Wards ands the Old Sears.

Next time spend a few dollars more and deal with a local or camera specialty store. We've had a BB for about 3 years. I've might have been in it 3 times and I'm not impressed.

Good luck Susan

KatDoc said...

Oh, Susan, I can relate. Customer "service" is not what it used to be. My least favorite response is, "You can go to our web site ..." which in my book is NOT customer service. If I am there in person or on the phone (with a live person who is in the USA) I expect service from the people I am talking to, not to be shuttled around to web sites, which I can't navigate.

I agree with Nina, "Is there anyone else I can talk to?" and with the last Anon, i.e., go to a photo store, not a Big Box electronics place, and with Mary - they owe you a camera.

One of my assistants had trouble with a camera from BB (the same store as you, I suspect - Eastgate?) and they were jerking her around. They sent her to their store in, Tricounty maybe?, for her replacement camera, since the Eastgate store was out of that model, and the new set of geeks were messing with her, too. She didn't get ugly, but she did refuse to leave the store without a camera. They ended up upgrading her just to get her out of the store. The squeaky wheel gets the grease!

Best of luck - you gotta have a decent camera by spring migration!


Mary said...

I even went to a camera speciality shop...Wolf's Camera...looking at cameras in December. They were wonderful, but being Christmastime, there was a line of people waiting behind me. The assistant manager was talking to me while observing the line so I left. I didn't have $ to buy, anyway :o) Oh, "just browsing" But I'll go back - not on a holiday. A speciality shop is your best bet if BB doesn't agree with you. Camera shops will try to sell you lenses twice the price of your camera body :o/

Amy said...

As much as I hate to admit it, I used to work for B*** B**'s corporate customer service. My best suggestion is to try calling the corporate office (888-237-8289), or if you want to go straight to the top write or email to one of their executives. They have an "executive resolution" team who are far more empowered than even the management at your local store. I know the email address of the CEO. He'd never see the email, but it would be sent to the exec resolution team. Let me know if you'd like it. Good luck!

mon@rch said...

I was hoping you would tell us he talked you into getting a new camera! Then again, that's what they want you to do! You did the right thing!

Anonymous said...

I always respect a good rant - give 'em hell Susan!

RuthieJ said...

Oh Susan, I know I shouldn't laugh, but I did because I've been in similar situations. Was your "geek" probably about 22 years old? They always make me feel like I'm an old lady and I want to smack them too.
When I called QWEST the other day to find out why my bill was higher, the guy I got on the phone (Cade) told me that he was in college and could give me some good advice on how to save money on my was all I could do to keep from LOL and calling him "Junior" (I saved my profane outburst until I hung up).
It's hard to be nice when you're just so frustrated at not getting a satisfactory solution to your problem. (good advice from your other comments though....)