Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Some things you see while birding (and it's not always birds)

While out birding, one can come across so many other things...cute mammals doing cute things, an unexpected snake sliding across your path...

But I have come across something that has been very unexpected.

Since discovering Lake Isabella as a fair to good birding spot, depending on the season, I have noticed a couple who have also found Lake Isabella to be good for something:
A meeting place for an affair.
You may be wondering how I can possibly know that. I have seen this particular couple multiple times at the park, and there always seems to be a certain formula: Drama with the woman crying, then lots of talking, then make-out sessions. These two people do not act like two people who are married to each other.
They also do not act like they are relaxed and unworried as to who sees them. They always come in two separate vehicles, park off the beaten path, and sit on picnic tables far away from the major activity of the park. I find myself near them quite frequently as I want to sit in my car in those very places, because that's where the birds are.
Whenever a car comes down the only road in and out of the park, they jump nervously, and stare at the car until it has passed.

I saw them yesterday and tried to ignore them. But I noticed the woman was crying and continued to do so for about 20 minutes (She kept wiping her eyes and the man kept brushing her hair back from her face. Then they talked, made out, talked, made out...)
I have come across this couple off and on for the past year or more, but it wasn't until recently that I began to notice how they were acting. The only word for their behavior is clandestine.

(The man is the blue dot on the right and the woman is sitting between his legs. I took this picture sneakily from my car window. Then I went back to looking for the non-existent warblers)
I don't really have a moral to this story. I'm sure someone can come up with a pithy comment about the birds and the bees or something.


LauraHinNJ said...

There's a similar situation I see each morning on my way to work. A parking lot beside a small park, two cars parked close together, one empty, the other with two people inside and steamy windows.

Hmmm... at 8 in the morning?

Clearly something is up with that and I'm surprised no one has called the cops on them yet.

I haven't seen much strange while out birding. Other than often coming upon two guys lounging together in the high dunes at Sandy Hook. Doesn't bother me, but I've heard more than a few male birders have been approached by men cruising for dates. Sandy Hook is sort of known for that type of thing (may have something to do with the nude beach there!)

Years ago it was worrisome as there used to be a lot of perverts that hung out there - not so much anymore thank goodness!

Mary said...

Oh, my. "Me and Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Jones. We got a thing...going on..." You are probably too young to remember that song.

Sometimes I worry when I am alone on a path. Today I walked past a large man wearing only flimsy gym shorts... Will post about it later.

Keep the good stuff coming, Susan!

Bertha said...

Hi, I'm a first-time visitor. I just stumbled across your blog and happened to see a photo that looks like my husband in the distance. I'll have to go back and read about what you are writing about.


donaldthebirder said...

I have been cornered numerous times by homosexual men at East Fork. They have learned not to attempt.

Susan Gets Native said...

A nude beach? Maybe next year the Second Annual Bird Blogger Conference can be at Sandy Hook!
I do know that song, actually. Billy Paul, right? I may be young in years (at least compared to some!) but I get around. Musically, that is.
Sorry you had to find out this way. Next time I see the philanderer, I will email you.
I wouldn't mind getting hit on. At least I would feel attractive. : )

NatureWoman said...

OMG tell them those people to get a room. I've got nothing against smoochin' and etc. AT ALL, but I hate watching people do that, especially when you know they're having a affair. And when they're in your way of trying to watch birdies!
Susan, just go to the gym. The guys can't get their eyeballs off of me even when I'm sweatin' bullets.
And Swami cracks me up, big time! Bertha, my butt!

LauraHinNJ said...

Actually Susan, there's a nude beach at Cape May - probably better known in fact - it's called Higbee's. I imagine we'll be spending some time there as it's good birding.

Lynne said...

Higbee's is a nude beach?? It doesn't say anyhting in the brochure. Can't be much to see but goose bumps at the end of October!