Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Eleven vultures and a plane

It was a beautiful day here in Southwest Ohio. East Fork Lake is so clean, it's mesmerizing.

Clean water at East Fork

Thanks to Lynne's strange love of vultures, I find myself taking pictures of them more than I would normally. But today, it was worthwhile:

11 vultures and a plane
There are eleven vultures in this picture. And one plane.
Not a bad picture for someone who is nervous of heights in a car on top of a very high dam.

A good-sized flock of ring-billed gulls hung out at the beach. I was hoping to see the Bonaparte gulls that come in with the ring-billeds, but they were absent.
Biiiiiig stretch

"I'm tired of sitting so still. I have to STRETCH....."

Why is it always so CROWDED!

"Why is it always so CROWDED!?!?"

Then it was off to the prairie/wild turkey habitat area. I've never seen a turkey there, but it's a good spot for sparrows.

A very cooperative field sparrow
I pished out a field sparrow, and he/she was nice enough to sit still long enough for me to raise my camera.

I'm going to go now

"Okay. I'm going to go now."

After picking up Lorelei from school, I realized we had no cookies. Cookies are like air to Lorelei and she HAS to have cookies for a snack. It's mandatory. We had no eggs in the house, and I didn't feel like going out, so I found a recipe without eggs:
They are called Vanilla Hearts, but I couldn't find my heart-shaped cookie cutter. So they became Vanilla Stars. It's just flour, butter and sugar. I also didn't have any super-fine sugar to sprinkle on top, but I remembered that I had an unopened Hersey bar in my car. It was liquefied, but that was perfect. I smooshed all the melted chocolate into one end of the package, poked a hole in it and drizzled it onto the cookies.

Damn good cookies
They. Were. Good.

Swami and Swamette came over for dinner tonight, and Swami showed me his new tie:

Swami's new tie
Ya think I might be influencing him? Just a bit?


Trixie said...

Vanilla Hearts and Owls. Sounds like a love song to me!

The Swami said...

In reference to Laura's comment on Tuesday's post: While you are at Cape May, could you run over to Higbee's and make reservations for next summer for Swamette and I?

On second thought, I don't want Swamette to have the vapors, as she did at Cap d'Adge!

Lynne said...'re becoming a vulture lover...

Mary said...

Every time I see a vulture I think of Lynne :o)

Love the lake birds, Susan, but I love those cookies more. You are a good mom - I would not have bothered and told Gina to eat a banana. Ooops! No cookies today!

NatureWoman said...

Cool tie Swami! Mmmm, the cookies look good, and that recipe sounds familiar. I like the chocolate idea. You are a great Mom for coming up with these at the last minute! If my Mom ran out of cookies when we were kids, we had graham crackers with butter or homemade frosting, or ritz crackers with peanut butter. Still love these things to this day!

nina said...

I almost hit a flock of 10 turkeys on my way to work this morning.
You are a nice mama to have warm cookies waiting after school!