Monday, October 01, 2007

What I want to see at Cape May

I have been thinking of all the birds we will be seeing at Cape May and came up with a list:
(All these will be lifers...)

1. Peregrine falcon: Isn't it crazy that I have not seen one yet? Sometimes I look deep into Lucy's eyes and try to soak in the "peregrineness" so that maybe I will attract one.

2. Mississippi kite: I know it's a long shot, but if you check out the Cape May checklist, they have been seen, at least once!

3. Swallow-tailed kite: Another long shot, but hey...we could get lucky.

4. Marsh/sedge/winter wrens: 'Cause they're cute and tiny.

5. Glossy ibis: I've never seen any kind of ibis outside a zoo, so that would be tubular.

6. ANY tern or jaeger: It's not like we are stumbling over them here in O-hi-o. In fact, any pelagic bird is libel to make me wet my pants. You have been warned, girls.

7. Northern gannet: This one is on the list strictly because of a family joke. When I yell at one of the cats, Nellie goes barreling into any cat she sees. I started yelling, "GANNET!" and Nellie still thinks I am yelling at a cat and goes flying into the nearest feline. It's hilarious. But the girls yell it, too, and Geoff thinks we are all yelling "DAMMIT!".

8. American oystercatcher: Just because they are so impressive...that big red bill. Yikes.
So that's the list so far.
No pressure, Laura, but I fully expect you to find all these birds for me or I will cry. But really. No pressure.


LauraHinNJ said...

I'm afraid the season's all wrong Susan!

Gannets we can manage - just make sure to get yourself to the Seawatch at Avalon.

Peregrine is do-able, but kites?!?

You'd have much better luck if you stick with Patrick. Terns? I think they may be gone. Same with oystercatchers.

Let me check for you - see what will be possible.

The fall weekend is LATE now - it used to be right around the end of September which I prefer - but late October is the time for RARITIES so maybe you'll get your wishes!

LauraHinNJ said...

OK. Peregrine peak is early October. Oystercatchers may stay all winter, if it's mild - so that's a possibility. Huge numbers of northern flickers are moving through in early to mid October - that is something to see! Tree swallows should still be around some. Expect lots of yellow-rumps and peak Robin numbers. They'll be hawks. And owl banding. The seawatch will be great.

Excited yet?

Patrick Belardo said...

I'll throw my $.02 in here. Laura is right on the money. Forster's Tern is possible, but the other terns will be a little harder to come by. Jaegers are possible too from any of the jetties, but they are more likely seen around now. Marsh Wren is almost guaranteed to at least be heard if you go to the South Cape May Meadows at dawn or dusk. Sedge Wren is really tough. I've never seen one in NJ. It may be a bit late for Winter Wren. I think Oystercatcher is a really good possibility at the Avalon seawatch (which I concur is awesome) or even along the beaches in Cape May. I think I've seen them there at that time of year. You have a darn good shot of seeing a Peregrine although it will likely be an immature bird. Regardless, it's going to be lots of fun!

Lynne said...

Well pack the Depends girlfriend! I could have used them Saturday when I got to hold a sharpie- luckily it was raining buckets so no one could tell... :)

I'm trying to decide which books to bring as I hear it's easy to get autographs from many authors.


John said...

I think numbers 1, 7, and 8 are the best bets. Winter wrens should be around, but can be hard to find unless they are singing. If it stays warm through October (a good possibiility), there may be some Forster's or Caspian terns hanging around. I've seen both in late October in the DC area, which is about the same latitude as Cape May. The others are a lot less likely.

Mary said...

You all are going to have a great time! And Laura, NO PRESSURE!

mon@rch said...

stunning wish list! Hope they are able to get some birdies for you! And Laura, can't a girl have some hope?