Thursday, October 18, 2007

No, really. I couldn't eat another bite.

So I didn't get to go birding yesterday, because of Lorelei's illness. But today made up for it. A bird came to me.

This is the juvenile Cooper's hawk that I have been cheering on for a few weeks. I hadn't seen it get a kill until today. I saw a "big brown bird" on our front fence, which is the signal to grab my camera and at the same time, hit the floor and start crawling toward the window.


I was so proud of her (I am called it a her because this is a fairly large Coop).





What a cute bird. She stood there for a minute after she finished, looking around as if to say, "Look what I did! I got foods!"


Look at that nice, full crop!
"Burp. Excuse me."

proclaiming the pride

Then she hopped onto one of the upright posts and looked around again.
"I ates a birdie! I is so full!"
I was silently jumping up and down for her. Good job!

take off

When no one (other than I) gave any applause, she took off.

I stepped out after she was gone, to be a Chimp.

leftovers 2

The largest feathers I could find seem to point to a house sparrow.
Good Coop. Good, good Coop. Come back tomorrow. Eat them all. Please live long and prosper, and please nest here next year. We have nice trees and lots of house sparrows and we don't use pesticides. We are nice neighbors.
Ever heard that the most important scientific discovery of this century was penicillin?
Here's the miracle of antibiotics:

Feeling much better today, thank you. And ate cookies.


Trixie said...

I am digging the lavender do-rag. Our anti-biotics are kickin' a#@, too. Yippy!

Trixie said...

Oh, and also, good job, Coop!

KatDoc said...

I, for one, would love to see you "commando-crawl" to the window, camera in hand, stalking a Cooper's Hawk. Neat photo series, and way to go, young Coop!

Glad you are feeling better, Lorelei. Will you share your cookies with us?

Mary said...

Glad Lorelei is smiling and eating cookies again!

"commando crawl" LOL! Don't we all do that? When I see a bird while driving, I instinctively turn the radio off, sneak out of the car, and never close the door :o)

Great Coop shots! She looked so proud of herself.

mon@rch said...

Glad your mini you is feeling better and your coopers hawk is catching the right birds! love all your action shots here! BRAVO

dguzman said...

AWESOME PHOTOS, oh Cooper Commando! I think we may need a comic book or something--with you as the central character, being Bird Commando--doing the dirt (carpet) crawl, dropping at a second's notice, staying downwind of the birds, etc. Like Tarzan, only with birds, lipstick, and an attitude!