Saturday, September 01, 2007

Fast and dirty post.

The weather was good, the birds were good, the day was good.

Elvis is not amused.  Ever.

Elvis is not amused. Ever.

Male AK

The male kestrel was calm for once.


Lucy was as sweet and trusting as ever.

Here's a bird that I bet Lynne will go bat sh*t over:
Curly. The black vulture.

show me love, Curly!
(Curly lives at the Hamilton County Park District. He thinks he is fabulous.)

Would you like to laugh at how goofy and stupid I am? Here ya go:

Driving down the road on the way home, I passed a pond, that I see all the time. But I saw something that hadn't been there before. Now, in my defense, I was going about 50 mph.
But I seriously thought that I had just seen an alligator. I turned around and went back, and this is what I saw:

I seriously thought it was an alligator

It's a log. That sort of looks like an alligator. Well, if you squint. Or if you are a Doofus.
And a quickie video of Nellie and Hooper playing...two dogs just being dogs...well, I might have egged them on a bit.


RuthieJ said...

Well, it looked like an alligator to me too! I would have turned around to verify also (but wouldn't have admitted to anyone when I found out it was only a log!)

Loved the video of the pooches playing!

Mary said...

Hey, I would have spun around, too! I've spun around many times only to find out I'm an idiot :o) LOL!

Your birds are so cool, Susan. I'm going to drive to Ohio one day in the future and watch you in action.

That video is pure dog joy. Slimy, but cool. Love it.

Fellow Doofus signing out.