Sunday, September 02, 2007

Goodbye August, you skanky wench from Hell

September is a breath of fresh air here in scenic southwestern Ohio. 85 degrees. I never thought I would be happy about that.
Here are some pics from my program today at Shawnee Lookout:

Sharon woods RT

This big beautiful female red-tailed hawk usually lives in Sharon Woods, but her mew is being rebuilt, so she is vacationing at Farbach-Warner. Matt, the park naturalist who co-presented with me thought it would be nice for her to get out and stretch her legs.
(Hit by car)

Oh it's so sad

Oh, it's so sad. This is actually not our red screech owl. He belongs to the park district, and in the tradition of education screech owls everywhere, the *molt *is *ugly.
(Hit by car)
Does anyone think that this is worthy of Cute Overload?

Maybe this one, then:
Take me home and knit me cozies

"Please take me home, love me, and knit me some cozies."
(Barred owl belonging to the parks.)
(Hit by car. Now totally blind)

The disapproval rains down

"Let the disapproval rain down...."

Spider with a death wish

This spider has a death wish. I found it crawling up the GHO's belly. I had to take a picture before brushing it off.

And look who I had the nerve to bring today!
Perched Isis shawnee lookout


Isis 2 shawnee lookout

I am proud of her, too. She was really good. She gets slightly skitzy with transitions (i.e. starting and stopping, doorways, etc), and it took 10 minutes of slow approaches and soft talking to get her on my hand and out of the mew, but she perched out just fine and I had tears in my eyes more than once today.
She stole the show. Some people are drawn to falcons, some people are drawn to the little cuties, but EVERYONE is drawn to Isis. This is a type of bird you are NOT going to see very often in your life.
I perched her next to the "typical" RT to show the difference. It's an understatement to say that the difference is remarkable.

I am also proud of myself. I have avoided Isis for too long. She's nowhere near as difficult as I built up in my mind. I just gave myself a mental kick in the ass, and it worked. I think the public will be seeing much more of Isis from now on.

Oh, and I got a life bird today.
Bad picture of red-breasted nuthatch

A red-breasted nuthatch was noodling up and down the tree I was standing next to.

Today gets an A +.


The Swami said...

What is the big deal about seeing a nuthatch? Swamette says that she sees a nuthatch every day --- or did she say nutcase?!?

NatureWoman said...

I knew you could handle Isis!! You did a great job! You go girl!
Glad it's cooler for you there now - it is here, too! Feels sooo good!
Poor birdies being hit by cars, but I'm glad they have people like you to help them. I love your photos and words! And congrats on the lifer! Yay!!

KatDoc said...

Neat bird photos! Way to go, for working with Isis. Maybe as you get more comfortable with her and she gets out more often, she will feel better about being shown. I bet she gets a lot of attention. Will you be bringing her to the Great Outdoor Weekend at CNC at the end of the month? I'd love to see her in person.

Congrats on the RB Nuthatch! This is supposed to be an irruptive year for them. They are being reported all over the Ohio Birds listserv, and are about 2 weeks ahead of schedule, so you ought to see many more before it is over. I didn't see any last year, but tripped all over them the previous winter. I'm looking forward to seeing them this season.


Mary said...

A+ is right, Susan. I knew you would conquer your inhibitions with Isis. She's so beautiful and she'll trust you more over time.

What a great day! Happy September!

It's really not September here yet - forecast: 99, 96, rain.

Ok, I'll shut up and deal with it.

mon@rch said...

Love that cute screech owl! Also I can't believe how dark that Red-tailed hawk is! WOW! Congrats on the RBNU!! They are such cute birds!

Cathy said...

Susan - having just read your more recent post - it's a little tough to smile as broadly as I might have about this one. It is wonderful, though - and I hope the memories of this beautiful day will help soften the blow of the tragedy with Elvis.

You do so much good. I know that is caring you forward.

RuthieJ said...

I will knit an owl cozie if you promise to post a video of someone actually putting it on the owl! :-D

Amy said...

One owl cozy coming up! The birds are all beautiful, molting or not. Awesome. I envy you. I've heard that GHO talons can easily penetrate the leather gloves you that your experience too? We have a pair of them that use our twelve acres as part of their hunting territory. Whenever they grace us with their evening presence I am in awe at their wingspans! What fantastic birds! (Oh and I saw a Nuthatch today too!)