Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A cat, a kid, a frog and some birds

I thought maybe I would throw all of you by doing a coherent, solid post with a theme.
But then, I thought...naaaaa.

See how badly the legal way sucks
See why the legal way sucks? Could you identify a duck in that water? This is the view from the legal trail that runs between a public nature preserve and the pits.

another white pigeon
I found a new white pigeon down the road from RAPTOR. It isn't the one I used to see...that one had a tan-colored tail. I love pigeons. Feel free to think I'm nuts.

outside cat
We seem to have acquired an outside cat. For the past 8 nights, I have gone out to feed and try to capture this kitten. Despite lots of sweet mewing and rubbing his body all over the cars and trees, he will not let me get close enough to him to grab him. I may have to resort to the old coyote/roadrunner box held up by a stick, tied- with- a -string trick. Yeah, I bet that'll work.
When he is finally caught, he will be going to a shelter. Any one want a cat?

checking the deodorant
"It's not nesting season anymore, but I better check and see if my deodorant is still working."
another fall warbler
I'm going to call this a Magnolia warbler. Gray head and face, yellow belly and white wing bars.

Summer Lorelei
Late Summer light falls on my Winter baby.
When did she get so grown-up looking?
Where was I? Did anyone send a memo?

Our new tree frog
Surprise, surprise, surprise! (in a Gomer Pyle voice).
Our tadpole, who I thought would turn into a bull frog, has instead turned into a tree frog! This little guy is the newest generation of Cope's gray tree frog, a frog that I didn't even know lived in Ohio. Click HERE to see just how much it has grown and changed in 9 days!
Now we have to find teeny, tiny crickets to feed him. Ug.


Trixie said...

Beautiful winter baby. She is gorgeous! Hard competition for a cute free frog and kitten.

Lynne said...

Susan, you captured a stunningly beautiful immage of Lorelei- so pretty! Cute kitty, very cute teeny tiny frog.

Mary said...

Susan, I agree. The legality sucks. I'd be quite annoyed with that and would break the rule.

Like pigeons? Come to my house - I have them in an array of colors. At least twenty in rainbow colors.

Lorelei is very beautiful. You need to check your e-mail more often. The memos are there...

No cats, thanks. I've been calling the dogs on one who has been stalking the feeders at night.

The Swami said...

In your first photo, on the far shore, just to the left-of-center, near the top of that green tree: Isn't that an Ivory-Billed Woodpecker?

As always, Lorelei is adorable.

nina said...

Consider making that cute kit an indoor cat? We have 2, both outdoor strays that I doubted would be happy as indoor animals...I was wrong. They're very happy to stay inside and have become lovely pets--strays seem to know you've rescued them.
Or find a no kill shelter? Somebody should love that cutie! But not patrolling your yard.

Helena said...

Cute kitty, cute chickadee, cute frog! And beautiful daughter!

Feeding live crickets ain't as bad as it sounds. I've owned a pet toad before and now own a pet frog.

NatureWoman said...

Lorelei is beautiful! What a pretty little kitten! I hope it finds a good home. And very cool tree frog!

mon@rch said...

how amazing your frog turned into a tree frog! That's ace for sure!