Monday, September 10, 2007

Miscellaneous Monday

Geoff let me choose a book yesterday for our anniversary, and I chose this one:

HItchehikers guide

I loves me some Douglas Adams. If you like Monty Python, you will like Mr. DNA.

Today was Lorelei's first day of Preschool. She was just fine.

Lorelei first day of school
(Walked in like she owned the place...)
(...and found a seat and waited for class to begin.)

I took some time to bird, but it was fairly quiet.

A turkey vulture and a red-tailed hawk spun around each other for a few minutes and then the TV flew away.


(I'm only adding the picture of the TV for Lynne, because I love her.)

This picture is just to mess with you:
Just to mess with you

(The train wasn't moving.)

I don't know why, but I love graffiti. Some of it is just amateur crap, like gang symbols and "For a good time, call...." stuff, but some of it is beautiful.

I have a goal to someday have one of my photos on Cute Overload. This one is pretty good, I think. It covers one of the Rules of Cuteness: A huge head and tiny appendages.

Almost a frog
Totally click on this to see the teeny, tiny frog toes.


Trixie said...

O.M.G.! What I would not have done for a Catholic school girl skirt in pink plaid! She is something else. I loves me your girls! Zoey does, too. Vivi, well, she's not so sure. She has her jealousy issues.

I envy you some time ALONE! To bird! YIKES! I don't know what I would do with myself.

Next time I am in Cincy, I'll leave the girls with Mother Mary and we will bird kid-free.

Oooppp....maybe too long a comment and I am inviting myself to your day off....oooopppsss.

Oh, now I must eat my words. Vivi wants to write Lorelei a letter and tell her how proud she is that Lorelei went off to pre-school without Mommy or Sister.

Lynne said...

Dang! That little Lorelei is PAINFULLY cute in her little pink plaid skirt and white knee-highs! They need a kid page on Cute Overload. She could be the banner!
Thanks for the TV fix- I love you too!
We had a TV circling our campsite at Hasty last weekend. I wanted to go find some roadkill to entice it down for a visit. Maybe I just needed a shower!
What are you going to do with all your fee time now that both girls are in school? I'm sure you'll be eating bon-bons and watching he soaps :)

Mary said...

I just learned (this late in life) that Bon-Bons are ice cream coated with chocolate! I always thought they were bite-size candies of some sort.

Lorelei is STUNNINGLY CUTE! So Susan is a free woman for a few hours a day. Yay! The girls probably come home tired and that makes for nice evenings, too!

NatureWoman said...

Yay! Congrats on the Hitchhiker's Guide. Glad your daughters are both in school okay! I like some of the graffiti artwork, too. And oh my, what a cute "almost" frog!!