Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Schadenfreude and Will-Yums

My Harry Potter programs are finally over, tonight's being the last. I have 4 days off.
May I say, "Whew!" and "Jeez!" ?

My brush with schadenfreude today:
On the highway, I saw a very ugly, old, maroon Trans-Am barreling in and out of different lanes, causing lots of cars to slam on their brakes and swerve to avoid being hit. No turn signals (one of my pet peeves), total disregard for anyone's safety. Myself and other drivers were looking at each other, making faces at each other, like "Can you believe those idiots?"
This went on for a few miles, then we all saw something that made us laugh:
The Trans-Am was stalled in the left lane, with a very long line of pissed of drivers behind them. And all of us were pointing and laughing. It was fabulous.
I have thought of a new post-theme for my blog...things that are great, that make me smile, but don't really fit into my posts (you know how random they can be).
The name: The Will-Yums.
Anything that makes me grin or that gives me a tiny thrill, or something I want to brag about, or something that makes me go "yum!".

My first Will-Yum:
Yesterday, I was leaving early for RAPTOR, when Isabelle called out the door, "Wait, Mommy!" I stopped and waited...she came out with a freshly washed apple, and said, "Here's an apple, Mommy, because you always forget to eat breakfast."


Lynne said...

Aaww, Isabelle, what a sweety-pie!

Trixie said...

Good choice, Isabelle! I am always amazed when my kids think of ME. It surprises me.

Mary said...

THAT is a Will-Yum. So sweet.

Oh, I would have laughed my a-- off at the Trans-Am, too, Susan. There are too many idiots out there that deserve to stall.

mon@rch said...

Will-Yum's!! Hmm that's great! How cute of Isabelle to suggest you eating an apple for breakfast! You are raising her perfectly for sure!

Juli said...

Doesn't it just make your heart swell when your kids do something like that??? Heck, my daughter is 16 and still calls me "Mommy" - some people make think it's juvenile but it makes me feel good.:-)

Lynne said...

I just read juli's comment about her daughter and it made me think of my 14 year old daughter who spends huge amounts of time filled with teen-aged scorn for all things parental. She still sometimes calls me "Mama" though. Yum.

dguzman said...

Ah, sweet schadenfraude!

Count me in for Cape May!

beckperson said...

Pssst, Susan. Can you NOT center your posts? They make it really hard to read.

::could be my old eyes::