Thursday, July 26, 2007

A day at the Oxbow

I have been asked by my "aging" cousin, Cathy, to not center my posts, because SHE can't read them. Okay. Anything for family.

I actually went birding today. And I saw birds. I dragged the girls along to the Oxbow, which they don't like. I guess it's boring for kids, even exceptional junior birder kids. They only care about seeing fish, snakes and frogs.

Green heron

It's always nice to see green herons. It's even better to get a picture...they're so furtive.

GBH Oxbow

It was easy to find great blue herons.

egrets and GBH

Here's a committee of egrets and a heron...talking about the price of fish, I guess.

This was cool>
On the way back to the car, I spotted a blue-gray gnatcatcher. Another bird that is fun to see, since there are like the size of a nickel. I pished a bit and saw it popping in and out of the branches, then saw it land here for a few seconds, then pop back out:

Blue-gray gnatcatcher nest

A wee, sweet gnatcatcher nest.

The bird that made the trip worthwhile:

Solitary I think

I think it's a solitary...certainly small enough. There were some killdeer nearby that were good enough to be there for for size comparison. And it was, solitary. Har.

If you haven't heard, Laura lost her sweet Buddy. Head over there and give her some cyber- hugs. And grab a Kleenex before you read her post. If you own or ever loved a dog, you will know.


LostRoses said...

I'm catching up on your blog, Susan, so many great pictures! I wish my bachelor's buttons were blue like yours instead of muddy purple. Loved the story about the obnoxious driver - how many times have I wished that would happen to certain cretins driving by!

You have been one busy woman, and I imagine sleepless too with the new Harry Potter. Oh, I have that "Hippies use side door" on a refrigerator magnet. I don't get it, but it makes me laugh everytime I see it!

Dave said...

Susan, can you go back to centering your post. I can't read them. :)

Liza Lee Miller said...

Actually, Susan, could you RIGHT JUSTIFY your posts . . . I think that would be better for everyone. :) :) :)

Oh, and this type of post is what i and the bird is all about -- your interactions with birds! :)

Mary said...

Great photos, Susan! I did not see the blue-gray gnatcatcher, though. It must have been an "ooops missed it" moment.

Beautiful bird shots!

I don't think I'd like right justification but you can try it. I didn't mind your posts centered, either. Can you center the photos, only? LOL!

Jess Riley said...

Awesome shots, as usual.

A request: some pics of the butterfly ranch, please!

Hippies use backdoor...hehehe.

Lynne said...

I am the lamest at shorebird id. I'm going to need to do some major cramming before Cape May.
Skinny legs, long bill...

Q said...

I always enjoy your birds.
My goodness you do get to see so many I do not have in my neck of the woods.
Wonderful photos.

beckperson said...

::sticks tongue out at the lot of you::

Just kidding. You are one responsive blogger, Susan! It works great for me, but if you or any of your readers prefer other layouts, don't let me stand in your way!

mon@rch said...

Love all your bird shots and that gnatcatcher nest is stunning! Love these guys and sure don't see enough of them!