Tuesday, July 24, 2007

If I could form a coherent thought, this post would have words

This isn't as bad as it looks

Trixie as Bill the Cat

Pink purple fungus

mystery bug on garage door


Liza Lee Miller said...


You should have saved it for tomorrow and named it Wordless Wednesday! :)

Lynne said...

I hope you didn't take a bite out of that shroom- it looks like it!
Kids and pets always make me feel better.
Beautiful bug.
Rest up. That's an order.

Mary said...

I'm with Liza Lee. We can create our own captions. That bug is too pretty to be anything else but a female!

Anonymous said...

If you had posted this yesterday, it could have been: Mime Monday.

Is the diaphanous damsel in the last photo a damselfly? They are related to dragon flies.


Susan Gets Native said...

Hello, all! Just stealing a minute from my day to find out what that bug is. Turns out that it is an adult ANT LION! I have found larval ant lions around here, and cheered them on when they would capture something in their little pits. But I thought the larva WAS the adult. So that big, beautiful creature started out as a little creepy predator thing.

The mushroom above: I didn't take a bite...it had been nibbled before we got there. How cool is pink/purple fungus?

Trixie was sitting on her blanket, looking for all the world like Bill the Cat.

Lorelei wanted me to take a picture of her and Nellie, but Nellie began licking her chops and turned her head at the last second, so it seems that Nellie is about to eat her face.

KatDoc said...

See, I knew it! Vicious Rotts (and Rott-mixes) are only out to do one thing - eat small children. (Or, lick the crumbs off their faces.)

I thought that bug was a damselfly, too. Who knew an ant lion grew up to be so pretty? Kind of the insect version of the Ugly Duckling Becomes the Swan.

~Kathi, proud mama of a Rott who would never eat a child (but who would definitely lick the crumbs off one)