Monday, July 02, 2007

My eyelids are flickr-ing

Today was spent mostly in bed.
The pain in my kidney is much better...thanks, everyone, for your "Get Betters", etc.

I did manage to get outside in the back yard to take some pictures. But I didn't feel like using Flickr, so I use the old Blogger-dinosaur way:

These really interesting caterpillars are eating my Dutchman's Pipe. I can't wait to figure out what they are. They have horns!
UPDATE: Laura suggested they might be pipevine swallowtail caterpillars, and it looks like she was right. I knew I had seen pictures of something like this...Laura always comes through, doesn't she? Hugs, sister.
The cosmos I planted from seed last year are making another appearance in the prairie.

Looks like an eye, doesn't it?

A recent addition to the prairie is this Gayfeather. When I chose it, the girls asked me what it was (Their little brains are like sponges and they want to know EVERYTHING). When I said the name, Lorelei said, "Good. We be gay." I have no idea what that means.

We found quite a few of these cute fluffy insects on the Queen Anne's Lace, and on the wild grape vines. Anyone ever seen a bug like this?
And now, I am off for a quick spin around the Bloggosphere, then to bed.


LauraHinNJ said...

Some really good butterfly uses Dutchman's Pipe, but I'm not sure which one! One of the swallowtails anyway - maybe Pipevine?

I know those white bugs too, but not sure I remember. One summer they were all over everything. I don't think they eat much whatever they are.

Isn't gayfeather another name for liatris?

I'm vaguely helpful tonight, aren't I - sorry!

Glad your innards are feeling better!

Lynne said...


Wanderin' Weeta said...

The bug is a woolly aphid.

See one here. Main page, and another photo; here.

Glad to hear that you're recovering.

Mary said...

From someone who thought she saw a dragonfly either peeing on or drinking from a lily pad, don't expect help from me.

I am glad you are feeling better!

mon@rch said...

Lots of liquids and rest for sure! Glad you are feeling better and posting such wonderful photos!

Julie Zickefoose said...

Susan! Serious butterfly mojo to plant a Dutchman's pipe and get pipevine swallowtails! You rock--even sick! And they're so young now you can photograph them through their instars. They are evil looking things in later instars. They're unusual in that they're gregarious. Watch for cool group defensive behaviors when you blow on them or tickle them--headwaving, horn wiggling etc.
Keep healing and we'll keep sending good wishes your way.

I dunno--that wooly thing looks a little more leafhoppery to me. But why would a leafhopper need to be wooly? They have rocket legs.