Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Fast and dirty

I didn't take any pain killers today, and now I am paying the price. I seem to be having a bit of a relapse.
Just took two Vicodin, so I better get this down before I get all flubby.
Scenes from today:
Bunny visit
Our tika-marked bunny came over to the fountain to sample the weeds (what are those wide-leaved weeds?). If you enlarge the picture, you can see a very fat tick in his ear. Poor guy. I hope he has someone who can groom that off.

Young chipping sparrow
The yard birds are starting to bring their babies to the feeders...a young chipping sparrow...
Young cardinal
...and a young cardinal.
Hanging out in the fountain
The tree frogs seem to have left the immediate neighborhood, but the bull frogs have moved in, so we don't feel lonely. I think this guy is trying to make a hula hoop.
HI !
"Hi! I is a squirrel. Is you allowed to come out and play wif me?"
Beetle porn
Gotta love it. Beetle porn. Shameless hussies.
I am not ashamed to say that I tried to see exactly how they do it. Couldn't figure it out. But I did notice that the "bottoms" kept on eating. It must be boring...beetle sex. Imagine eating a sandwich in the middle of "you know". Must be demoralizing.
close up chickadee
I am glad that I moved one of the feeders closer to the windows. First, it can cut down on window strikes (forces the birds to slow down) and I can get pictures like this without zooming.

And the gravy:
"My name is Queen....LAAAAAAAAAA!"


Mary said...

Are you OK, Susan? This is one of your silliest posts but I love it!

You rock, even with meds and a severe infection!

You go, Girl! (Beetle sex, Oh My God)

Trixie said...

Stay ahead of the pain...

Beetle porn, fabulous squirrel/kitty interactions, and loopy captions. Thanks!

KatDoc said...

Common Plantain, what I call "broad-leaved" to distinguish it from the other variety, which I call "narrow-leaved," although I just learned the correct name for that one is English Plantain.

English is the kind with the little seed heads you can pop off the end of the stem. Common Plantain flowers are narrow spiky columns, bearing seeds all the way up the stem.

The seeds of English Plantain are eaten by songbirds, the leaves of both are favored by rabbits. I advise people with pet rabbits to pick plantain leaves (from untreated yards!) to feed their house rabbits. (Then, when I say "plantain leaves" I have to give them a botany lesson: "You know, the broad-leaved weeds you are always trying to remove from your lawn and garden."


Jess Riley said...

Hope you're feeling better soon!

Love the photos, as always. And re: your last post--how COOL that you have Pipevine Swallowtail cats!! I live too far north for them. BUT I did find 7 monarch eggs in my milkweed patch yesterday!

NatureWoman said...

Love your wildlife photos as always. I can't stand Japanese beetles, and love squishing two for the price of one. Nooo, can't imagine eating a sandwich while "you know" - poor beetles so bored. Love your kitty photo!! Hope you're feeling better.

mon@rch said...

what a way to be spending your holiday!! I do love the photos you have been taking recently! Hope you get better soon, we are thinking about you!

ABQ-B-Fly Guy said...

Nice Pic of the pipevine swallowtail cats! Hope they make it thru the whole metamorphisis. What kind of bird is at the wooden feeder?

beth said...

I love the cat pic...

My blog's gone private..email me at allthings4good at gmail dot com and I'll get you the invite. I don't have a contact addy for you..