Sunday, July 01, 2007

Sicko, Part Deux

1:00 am, Today:
Went to bed.
1:01 am-Realized that I couldn't lie on my right side or back without considerable pain.
2:00 am- Still trying to find a pain free way to sleep. Wonder if I have somehow cracked a few ribs.
3:00 am- Still trying.
5:30 am-My moans of agony wake up Geoff. I explain that I am having a hard time taking a deep breath, and that the pain in my right side is getting worse. I wonder aloud if I have somehow contracted Hep A, or experiencing the beginnings of pancreatitis.
6:30 am- We discuss Urgent Care vs. Emergency Room.

8:00 am- Arrive at B-North ER. While getting up to get a drink from water fountain, I find that I am unable to even talk through the pain.
8:30 am- My sobbing has alerted staff that a bed is necessary.

8:35 am-IV is started, blood culture is taken and a temp of 100.0 is recorded.
9:00 am-Waiting to see the next available doctor. We are told that I can't have any pain meds until I see said doctor.
10:30 am- Still waiting. Curse critical patients coming in with heart failure, trauma and projectile vomiting.
11:00 am-I am taken to X-ray. Able to stand for chest X-ray, but when time comes for abdomen X-rays with me laying on my back, end result is screaming.
11:30 am- Look over at Geoff after I finish bout of crying, tell him that I love him, and proceed to begin sobbing again.
12:00 pm- Meet Dr. Lloyd. Told that my urine sample is full of leukocytes,
bacteria, pus and blood.
12:05 pm- Screaming again because during exam, Dr. squeezes my sides and does some deep palp to my abdomen. Dr. orders pain meds and I never see him again.
12:30 pm- Finally get pain meds: Morphine for pain, Phenergan to control nausea, and Ativan to relax me.
1:00 pm- Diagnosed with acute UTI, given prescriptions for Vicodin and Cipro and discharged.

So, there's my day in a nutshell.
How are you?


Body Soul Spirit said...

Hope the cocktail of drugs makes you feel better soon! You had pretty severe symptoms for a UTI.

Trixie said...

HOLY CRAP! Sounds like the time I thought I had the flu. Tom leaves work, calls to see how I am doing. My temp is 100F by the time he gets home 45 minutes later I am at 105F and hallucinating when he walks in the door. Oh and Zoey the two year old is running around the house. I only got vicodin. Glad you got more!

Mary said...

OH, My God, Susan! I am so glad it's only a UTI - sorry it's so bad, though, and it scared you to death. I'm just glad you are on pain meds and on the mend!

Take care. Sounds like you could use a 24 hour nap.

Jayne said...

Ugh... so sorry Susan, but certainly glad it's not a pancreatitis or HepA. The Cipro should clear it up, but be sure to take all seven (or ten) days of it. Force the fluids too... add some cranberry juice if you've got it.

KatDoc said...

Poor you! Sounds awful, I hope you feel better soon. I guess birding is out for this week, eh?

~Kathi, who notes that it took you 4 hours to see an MD in the ER and wonders why people used to curse me after a 2 hour wait at the vet ER

beth said...

So sorry for the pain and agony - but,hey, great journalistic job of telling us all about it! Bloggers know how to prevail against ALL odds - including excruciating pain and near-death experiences!

Hope you are feeling better soon. Take all the meds. Be grateful for Cipro.

hugs -

Lynne said...

You poor thing!! Sorry it took so long for you to be seen and get meds. Don't you just hate it when people are in more critical condition than you? It's a good thing you didn't wait any longer to go in. It sounds like you got a nice RX cocktail. Don't forget to FORCE FLUIDS!!!

NatureWoman said...

OMG Susan - I am SOOOO sorry for you. I hope you are beginning to feel better today. Loose {{{Hugs}}} to you and get well soon {{{Vibes}}}.

Q said...

Dear Susan,
so glad you did get meds!
I can relate...UTI's can be very painful.
I once had a Doc who wanted to take my gall bladder out when I had a UTI! Glad you got to keep all your organs.
Rest and relax and be well soon.

mon@rch said...

Susan . . . . now that is what I consider a bad day for sure . . . . does't the ER suck . . . . shouldn't be too long before getting better . . . . thanks for the update and we will be thinking about you!

Dave said...


LauraHinNJ said...

Hope you're feeling a little better already.

What a day!

Julie Zickefoose said...

Oh, poor baby. ER's make airplanes look like luxury suites. Here's hoping the antibiotics do the trick and soon. So sorry to hear you're suffering. Hang in there. You're so lucky to have Geoff, that sweetie, taking care of you. Hope the docs are right. No hurry to post. Rest!